I forget, do we have a general HurricaneDitka Pit thread?

Your efforts to explain yourself are commendable, but totally fall flat. No matter how charitably one tries to interpret the statement “Canada is great in financial terms, but tough in terms of getting service”, it’s so egregiously wrong (and the wrongness so obvious to anyone familiar with health care in Canada or anywhere else in the first world) that it reads just like something out of the Republican playbook, the typical scare-mongering lie written for them by AHIP. It helps drive the scare-mongering if the word “rationing” is thrown in there, pretty much mandatory for every good Republican putting the fear of God into liberal naifs advocating for universal health care, and sure enough, there it is!

Except it’s a flat-out lie. If the best quality medical services are available on a timely basis to all, triaged by urgency, and in-hospital services delivered immediately (as mine was, even though non-critical) then the description “tough in terms of getting service” is a blatant lie. If non-critical elective services may have a wait queue in the interest of optimum resource use, this is at worst a mild inconvenience, and to describe this as being deprived of service is, again, a blatant lie. And then declaring victory in Internet argumentation is just you being you.

And there’s more. The reality is that the opposite of the above – having virtually no wait because multimillion-dollar equipment and the staff to run it are just sitting idle – imposes huge costs on the system, and those costs themselves are an impediment to access. The difference of course is that this form of rationing is not medically prioritized, but determined by one’s station in life and the size of one’s bank account, and for many, this form of rationing doesn’t just impose a non-critical wait, but a permanent bar to access, even if the need is critical. If I seem “passionate” about it, it’s that the whole system is fundamentally immoral, and, as you have so vividly demonstrated, can only be supported by lying about it, the kinds of lies that you’ve been feeding us a steady stream of, starting with the shameless lie that under this broken and immoral system dominated by gatekeeping exclusionary bureaucracy, “people can choose whatever medical care they want without approval from bureaucrats”.

So there’s a discussion about costs to had, sure, but that’s not what this most recent lie of yours was about. You made comparisons with the NHS. I made comparisons with Canada. You retorted “I know many many people who have lived in both Canada and the US, including many with dual citizenship who spend time in both countries” and then claimed that they allegedly told you that it was tough to get medical service in Canada.

You’ve tried to conflate useless and counterproductive “utilization” with access to efficacious medical care, when the two things are virtually opposites. You’ve tried to claim that the most bureaucratic health care coverage system in the world has no bureaucracy when the opposite is true. You’ve tried to claim that it’s “tough” to get health care in Canada when the opposite is true. You are a lying liar who lies. I don’t care about your motivation. I care that you’re wrong, and spreading lies.

As for your inability to write comprehensible English without putting in such terrific effort that – according to you – it would interfere with your day job, we see the same lying phenomenon about that, too. There’s nothing complicated about how a native English speaker instinctively relates pronouns to their antecedents in everyday speech and writing. That you continue to claim you were writing clearly here is all that needs to be said about your fundamental dishonesty.

Could you two please get couples’ counseling, and leave us out of it?

OK, you’re just repeating yourself over and over again, and what you say was all bunk the first time you wrote it, as has been shown.

My prior comments still apply.

Why don’t they just stab and make up?

Thank you.

I know I shouldn’t click and open, but I do.

I have to admit, I’m not sure which makes you more pathetic.

That you actually think that you have won this argument, or that you think that anyone else thinks that you have.

Either way, it is almost surprising the lies that you will tell others and even yourself to avoid having to admit that you were wrong.

I see you just can’t hold yourself back.

What I said about you also stands, of course.

Keep digging, it’s funny.

Has NOT been shown, you mean.

Oh? Guess it must have been another one of those typos …

Hey! Grammar Nazis also need to vent! :slight_smile:

Still, we need to concentrate on the other Nazis of today.

Ditka essentially admits to hanging out with terrorists here. The Turner Diary kind, no doubt.

Ugh. I can’t believe I defended that guy (maybe on page one of this? Somewhere, I’m sure). He’s in the Roe Supreme Court thread white knighting that idiot Silver Lining, and being pretty fucking condescending while apparently, impossibly, missing the obvious point.

What a tool he is, and what a tool I am for defending him.

Hurricane is so anxious to gloat at liberals over conservative wins that he links to a story about how McCain is gonna resign on July 4. HD doesn’t, of course, seek any confirmation of this story from the Santa Monica Observer, so other folks dig around–and finally Lord Feldon finds confirmation.

Confirmation that Hurricane is a dumbass.

The McCain thing was dumb but I didn’t sense any real partisan venom in it.

The best evidence that HurricaneDitka is a piece of shit is that Fotheringay-Phipps and Shodan have raced to his rescue.

Well that, and his whole the OK City bombing wasn’t “entirely unreasonable” bullshit.

k9bfriender seems to be onto something, Shodan; I say this because it seems like what you said was entirely a non sequitur to what I posted.

Here it is again:

Sorry, but I have no idea how to parse your comment in such a way that it can be considered even tangentially responsive to my post. I’ll be happy to take responsibility for misunderstanding you, if only you’ll break it down for me.

Don’t sweat it, man; ego te absolvo, and all that rot. Your penance is to go over to the table in the corner, pour yourself a glass of chardonnay, and help yourself to the brie.

Sounds good, but can I opt for a beer instead? Or, is the chardonnay part of the penance?