i forgot the movie name could anyone tell me what is it

the main plot is that some secret tape has been taken by someone ,when he is escaping he just meets the hero in lift and then he drops it in the baggage of the hero.the tape or chip falls in the toy the hero has bought for is child .then the villans will trace it using the lift cctv and track the hero .they will swap all the things like dress watch ,chain all with identical things with tracking devices .then the hero is been folllowed and they try to kill him and at last the hero finds that he is been followed andremove all the dress and change in new one and go to his house take the chip and blah blah .

i forgot the movie name could any of you just tel me that ,

That’s Enemy of the State, I think.

could any of you people please find it and tell me dude

Wikipedia: Enemy of the State

Almost thought it was Cloak and Dagger until the clothes changing part.

thank u buddies

Is that the one wherein Gene Hackman has a secret warehouse filled with high tech equipment, and his anti-intrusion detector is a bottle balanced on a doorknob?

The bottle was Mel Gibson in conspiracy theory:D

If you’re afraid of the NSA, it makes sense to have a system that cannot be hacked.