I Found Jesus On A Roll Of Toilet Paper In A Casino Men’s Room

Ya know, you can’t make up stuff like this.

So I was at my local casino and had just finished a nice buffet lunch, went to the restroom and – well, let’s not digress into TMI here – but then it came time to reach for the toilet paper. I pulled and about 5 sheets down (sorry Sheryl Crow, I am a wasteful person) there was a little post-it note with small writing on it.
I got out my glasses and, considering I was already seated comfortably, proceeded to read the post-it note.
Now, to be honest, I seriously expected this to be a note from Larry Craig or someone like him, offering me a wild sexual escapade if I tapped my foot to the tune of “Clang Clang Clang Went The Trolley”.
No – that was not the case.
Someone had actually written, in teeny-tiny script, some quote from the Bible and suggested this could be my path to redemption.
Hmm…this person’s mind must truly work in mysterious ways if they think that a good time for spiritual conversion is when I am sitting, with my pants off, in a stall, in a men’s room, in a casino.
I did, however, peek through the crack in the stall door to make sure two smiling guys in white shirts were not waiting to present me with a copy of The Watchtower.
It was safe. I quickly washed my hands and fled the Christian science lavatory reading room.
I just feel it is my civic duty to warn you all of a cult of strange men who hang out in public restrooms, preying on men with their pants down and trying to convert them.

Well? What was the quote?
Was it, perhaps, Lamentations 1:20?

Or maybe Jeremiah 4:19?

It’s Larry Craig, seeking redemption :slight_smile:

Life imitates art: Men’s Room LA sung by Kinky Friedman.

I’d figured, mistakenly as it turns out, that any forthcoming quotes would be from Newton’s Third.

Let me get this straight, someone wrote passages from their holy book and put them in a place that would allow them to be used to wipe someone’s ass? He should have just saved time and written it on the toilet paper.

LOL thats beautiful. Now there’s some classy graffiti.

The quote was from Revelation 13:18 and it recommends the finder to place a bet of $660 on No.6.

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

Bible verses is one thing, but if they urge following that up with baptism by immersion in the blessed waters, I’d try to find a different venue. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is really not what I expected. You don’t want to know what I expected. But it involved an image of Jesus on the toilet paper.

Okay, I just need some post-it notes and those two quotes and I’ll start posting those verses in various restrooms.

Well, suppose that happened. Um, whatever it was. Er.

Well, we had a casino that paid thousands of dollars for a grilled cheese sandwich that apparently had the Virgin Mary on it. What would they pay for a piece of toilet paper that…um, I’ll get my coat.

It was going to be, but he changed his mind…

So, was Jesus gentle on your butt crack? Or was it more like Old Testament TP, running roughshod over your ass?

At least they weren’t praying on men with their pants down.

You found Jesus in a casino Men’s Room? That’s odd, he usually hangs around in jails, that’s where everyone else finds him.

Jesus was cruising. Even dieties need love.

Did you also come into this thread, hoping for a pic? Or dreading a pic…

Gay lovin’, it seems.
I shall never look at a Christian Science Reading Room the same way again.