I get one vacation day a year, and Thursday is IT!!

Thursday is Back to School Day.

After the bus leaves, at 9:00, I will go upstairs and put my pajamas back on. I will come back downstairs and watch, first, Gods and Monsters, and then Boogie Nights. No one will have to be bribed with candy to stay upstairs while I watch a “mommy movie”.

While I watch movies, I will eat cookies. No one will say, “Hey, it’s not fair, you get cookies and we don’t!” Also, I may or may not eat a bag of Cheetos. If I do, no one will say, “Hey, where’d you get those? I WANT SOME!”

I will drink pop. No one will say, “How come you got a pop?”

By the time Boogie Nights is over, the Better Half will be home for what in the Post Office is referred to as a “nooner”. Afterwards, I will put my pajamas back on.

During the afternoon, until 4:00, I will occupy myself by sitting at the computer in my pajamas, reading every single thread in MPSIMS and IMHO. No one will say, “Aren’t you done yet?”

At 4:15, when the bus comes, and my hungry children loudly demand food, I will gently direct their attention to the large inventory of Freezer Queen entrees downstairs in the basement, whose microwave instructions are easily comprehensible by even a child of 10.

At 4:20 I will go back upstairs to my room, carrying with me two (2) Lean Cuisines, prepared ahead of time, a jumbo-sized bag of Baked Lays chips, and a 20 oz. bottle of Pepsi.

No one will disturb me.

Until Friday.

I grew up in Colorado, and we called soft drinks “pop”. But on the East Coast, they’re called “soda”.

Just curious, where do you generally live (state/province), so I can get a better idea of the dividing line between “pop” and “soda”?

Wouldnt it be funny if school was delayed until Friday???

and the kids would be there on thursday?

I’d bet you would your sides would need to be stitched up from the hilarity :wink:

have a great day! I’m sure you diserve it!

Mom. Mom. Hey, Mom? Mom. MOM. MOM. Mom, can I have… Mom, what’s for dinner. Mom? Mom.mom.mom.Mom did (insert best friend du jour’s name here) call? Mom, he…Mom, she… Mom, I broke. Mom did you wash my clothes? Mom, where’s me.mom. mom.Mom? MOM! MOM! Mom where’s my stuff? Mom are you asleep? Mom do you have a headache? Mom what’s tequila? Mom. Mom. Mom.
Feel free to cut and paste the the wall in case you get lonely and bored Thursday :smiley: