I got a new kitten today. So I guess I'm required to put pictures here.

Over the weekend my girlfriend and I decided we needed a kitten. After some browsing at a local shelter, we decided on this little guy.

We dubbed him Sam Vimes and boy is he a little hellraiser. Since we brought him home late this afternoon he has been running wild in our guest room and shows no signs of slowing down.

We thought we were going to have problems with the little guy and the cat we already have, but it turns out they get along as well as two cats will this soon after meeting.

I’m a little worried they get along so well so quickly. I think they may be plotting something.

Well of course they are plotting, they are cats!

What a cute boy! That first picture is adorable.

When my cat Leon looks at me like that, I always say the same thing: “What’s up, buddy!?”

And when I saw that picture, that’s what I said.

Awwww. Very cute!

We have a tuxedo cat also. Adorable, friendly, playful and gentle.

We have tuxedo brothers as well, welcome to the world of being owned by a tuxedo and trying to find a decent collar that has a bowtie on it!

That picture is best out of several I took. The rest are a blur of black & white fuzz.

Leon looks like he’s been hitting the nip but that is a total “wassup” face.

I wish I had thought of a bow tie. I must find one now!

And there he goes.
When you’re out shopping for a snazzy bow-tie collar, pick up a fingertip toothbrush; start now and you’ll be able to extend your cat’s healthy life w/ regular tooth brushing w/ minimal healing time in between for your delicate flesh. Mine get brushed once a month or more if possible, just w/ warm water.

Aw, very cute. Missed opportunity - if he’s a hellraiser you could have named him Pinhead.

So cute! Now I want a kitty. But I don’t have a kitty-shaped hole in my life at the moment…heaven knows I keep searching!

How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you. A handy guide, from The Oatmeal.

You brush your cat’s teeth? :eek: If yes… he lets you? :eek: Do all cat owners do this?

When I was a child I was allergic to cats, my eyes would get scratchy and itchy and I would get stuffed up to the max. Too bad because I would kind of like to have one, to watch over the house when I’m at work.

Oooh, a tuxedo kitten! The very bestest cat we ever had was one of those.

Get one anyway. It will make a hole and then sit in it.

Aww, he’s adorable! Congratulations on your new family member!

He’s a great-looking little guy!

Congrats on your new kitty! :slight_smile:

In order of query - yes, both cats’ teeth get brushed; yes, but only b/c they’re being held on the leather jacket-clad shoulder of a strong human; no, I wasn’t even a cat owner that did this until this set of cats b/c I believed everything my mom told me about dental care.
Note - second guess the dental advice of someone who got dentures at 30.

They’re fingertip brushes that are a hard plastic sleeve you slip on, get wet and brush the cat’s teeth with; if they bite down they won’t pierce the hard plastic (usually) and then their teeth get a little better brushing where they’re biting.
It’s not the most fun for them or me but then neither are expensive vet dental bills or infections due to bad teeth.

Lastly, people sometimes outgrow allergies; have you been around cats as an adult?

Is it breathing?

Sam is a really cute little kitty. I like the name too. We named our goldfish Mr. Vimes.