I got a new (to me) car.

Well I finally got a decent car. A 1997 Toyota Celica (Convertible). I think its an ok car seeing as how I am only 20. I wish it was manual…but oh well I can live with automatic. Before this I was driving possibly one of the worst cars ever made… A 1987 Ford Tempo :eek: :eek: Oh the horror!

Hell after driving a car like that any vehicle seems like a Mercedes.

Anyway that is all.

Congratulations! The Toyota ought to be seven times the car that the Tempo was. (Around here Tempos seem to be the car of choice for losers. Is it that way in your area?)

Are you saying I was a loser :mad:
lol j/k

Perhaps once, but not any more!

Yeah, that was tactless; sorry.