I'm not a loser anymore!

WoooHooo!! I just bought my first non-piece-'o-crap car. (oh yeah, and I’m a memeber here now too!) Hello!:smiley:

I’ve had a '92 Tempo for three years now. :frowning: 2 weeks after I bought it I got ran off the highway in a blizard. So not only was it a crappy car, it was a crappy smashed up car too. Then 3 months ago tha damn muffler fell off. :rolleyes:

Before that I had an '88 Tempo. And before that I had an '86 Ford F150 (which I loved but it was so rusted out you could see the road through the door panel with the door closed.
So, I just bought a '95 Camero T-top. It’s jet black with shiny chrome rims. Needless to say I’m a bit stoked.

Excuse me while I…

::tootin’ my own horn::



That is a great feeling, I got a nice honda accord for graduation, and totaled it the same day. After that it was a string of clunkers until I could buy myself a nice one. Made me feel all grown up and stuff.

Contrats! I’ve yet to buy my first new car, and it will probably be awhile.

I do fondly remember my first car though, the '89 Ford Tempo. I drove it through high school, then my sister (older than me, but needed a car in college and I didn’t) drove it into the ground, until the muffler literally fell right out. They’re good little cars!

Sweet. When I was 18 I had a ‘79 Rally Sport (Bitchin’) Camaro.

Congrats, and hey - I like your User Name. Is that from a Steven King novel?

mrald Sorry to hear about the totaling of the nice car. Glad to hear you got a new one.
Thanks though, I do feel all grown up. And I’m not embarrassed drive around anymore. I could barely hear my own radio over the engine. :o

badbadrubberpiggy I can relate with the muffler issue. The whole exhaust fell off my first Tempo. It was a little more interesting with the second one though. The muffler fell partially off while I was on the highway. It was shooting sparks at least 30 ft behaind me. I had to pull over onto the shoulder, lay in the snow and squeeze under my car to try to rip it the rest of the way off.
Yeah, that was fun.
They are pretty tough though. Considering I smashed it into a gaurd rail (blizzard incident) and got rear ended into the car in front of me. That things still going, cracked radiator and all.

Oh, and thanks for the contrats :wink:

Sweet, yours beats mine any day. But hey, I’m happy with mine.

And yes it is thanks for noticing. :slight_smile: