I got a puppy, I got ANOTHER puppy!!

I’ve been hankering to get another dog for some time now…our resident canine, Boris, is far too lazy and sinking into premature dementia because a) he’s lazy, and b) laziness begets doggie Alzheimers. :smiley: BTW, Boris is a Maltese/Shi-Tzu fluffy thing. He’s only 6 yrs old, but behaves like a geriatric on downers. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, yesterday morn poor old Boris had a major sneezing attack: suspecting a grass seed up his schozzle The Bloke took him to the vet. Whilst in the waiting room, he met a chap with a Smithfield Cattle Dog bitch getting her speyed. Seems the poor gal got raped by the local Labrador, and nine pups of dubious pedigree later…

The pups were ‘Free to Good Home’ (dunno why, 'cos even the UGLIEST cross-bred mongrel pups here can get a min of $100) and he’d had them vet-checked and their first round of immunisations. We chose a little girl with the face and body of a black lab, but legs like a hippopotamus. We’ve called her Daphne,'cos when we picked her up, she certainly didn’t smell like a rose. :stuck_out_tongue:

Then last night, an old mate rang me out of the blue. His ‘doggie mate’ of fifteen years Scooby had passed away about four months ago. Asking him if he wanted to become a ‘family man’ again, he went, *“Awwwwwww”. *

So this morning, I got ANOTHER puppy: this little girl (Sarah) is a chocolate-brown babe with white tips on her back paws, and the girls are fighting and playing and doing the most gorgeous puppy things. We’ll deliver her to her new home on Saturday, but in the meantime, she and her little sister can do puppy stuff together. THEN Daphne can get dibs on harrassing Boris all on her own.


Those are some *gorgeous *puppies! Hey, wait a minute …

Yeah? Sue me, I can’t do photothingies. :smiley:

Just try to imagine a 1.5 kilogram bundle of black exuberance with stumpy legs: that’s Daphne. She’s ours.

Sarah is about 2 kg, chocolate brown with longer legs: she’s going to a new home on Saturday…they’re 8 weeks old and just starting to get attitude. :smiley:

Poor old Boris on the otherhand is wiping his brow telling us how HARD it is and how ILL he feels after his anaesthetic yesterday. Meh…the puppies will bring him back to life tomorrow. :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention…the Smithfields are otherwise known as the Stumpy-Tailed Cattle Dogs. Little Sarah has a two-inch stub on her arse, but our girl, Daphne, ain’t got nothing but a tuft of hair.