I got a puppy!

Yesterday was the best anniversary ever (our fourth). Not only did I get really cool gifts from my husband, we got a puppy too! It was my mom’s fault because she met him first and thought of me when she saw him. Then she and I went to look at him, and he was so sweet I had to drag my husband back later. He fell in love, too. This baby needed a home, and we couldn’t help ourselves. I was ready for a dog again. It’s been a year-and-a-half since we had to have my dog, Bonnie, put to sleep. Plus, we lost one of our cats two months ago, and while I wasn’t ready for another cat, I was ready for something else to love (and it wasn’t a baby).
The pup is about three months old. He’s (supposedly) a pug/Eskimo mix. He’s black except for a streak of white down his chest and a little bit of white on one of his back feet. The people who had him were calling him Chico. It’s kind of cute, but I don’t know if we’ll keep the name or not. I like the name Weezer, and my husband likes Henry or Kyle (don’t ask). The puppy was pretty hyper when we first brought him home, but he’s mellowing out quite a bit. So far he likes the squeaky hamburger toy we bought him, and sleeping in the laundry basket. He doesn’t mind our cats (there were three where we got him), and our cats don’t seem to mind him, either. I think he’ll be a great addition to our family!

Congrats, yellowval! I have two pugs and they are great little dogs. Love to see a picture of your new guy!

I’ll definitely be posting some pictures later … this has all been so quick I haven’t even had time to snap any yet. It’ll have to wait until after work today, but they will come!

Hooray for you, yellowval! We’re picking out a kitten tomorow. We haven’t had one for 12 years, since our daughter was born allergic to everything carbon-based. After 12 years of sometimes-weekly allergy shots, she’s been re-tested and she’s no allergic to anything. Amazing!

We’re “borrowing” the kitten for the weekend, just to make sure nothing “bad” happens, allergy-wise, before we commit.

We’ve already picked out a name. . .

It’s great getting a new puppy, isn’t it? They are sooo cute and adorable, and such great company.

I hate to put a bit of a downer on it though… we got one about 14 months ago, and the little blighter is gradually destroying our house. He’s eaten five remote controls, two sets of floor standing shelves, a table, several chairs, a carpet, enough lego to make a 2/3 scale model of the battleship Potemkin, two cars and a child.

OK, so he hasn’t eaten the cars or the child yet, but, hey, I haven’t got home yet to find out his latest misdeeds.

Good luck with yours though, I am certain he won’t be chewing at all… :wink:

Pugs are the best dogs.

We’ll probably never have one, sadly, as Ardred doesn’t like them much. Hopefully we can get a RottenLab soon enough, though.


I want pictures, too, as soon as you can!

I’m pugless now and need to look at pugs and pug mixes every now and then to recharge my batteries. Tupug, have you ever posted any here at the Dope for me to look at?