I got DSL... now what?

Well, obviously I can now peruse the SDMB quite leisurely. But what else can I now do?

What’re some good sites where I can watch or download music videos? Games that I can get myself hopelessly hooked on? Stuff like that.

Thanks, and I’ll be seeing a lot more of you folks hopefully.

shockwave.com has movies and games.
Launch.com for music videos.

thehun.com for free porn.

At least you didn’t say, “for the daily joke”.:smiley:

for games and miscelleni, I like http://www.newgrounds.com .
For music, check out http://www.shoutcast.com . You can’t DL the tunes but they’ve got all genres of streaming audio, some high quality.

You may want to check out the newsgroups, the last untamed frontier…