I got married

Yes, J has been upgraded from fiancee to wife. She is not changing her name and will still be known as J. At least for the time being. In case you were wondering, J is short for Biscuit, Muffin, Sweetpea, and/or various other endearments, none of which contain the letter J and not necessarily in that order. We are going to go to Canada tomorrow… er, later today (bed is good I suppose). Please leave any strange wedding gifts you feel are appropriate here, I will pick them up when I get back.

What? There were 6 views before me, and no congrats?! Okay, so I say – congratulations, all the best to both of you.


The best to you both and may you have many happy years together.


Yep - let me add my congratulations as well :slight_smile:

Congratulations! Have a good time in Canada. :slight_smile: