I got my "Secret Baby Shower" gifts today!

WOW! TroubleAgain & Scotticher, you guys ROCK!

Thank you so much! I was expecting a stuffed anermul, or maybe a funky toy, but, wow, I mean, I’m speechless! You just can’t get half the stuff you sent me over here!

For others who read- I got a BOX of baby stuff. Tons of it! We were going to go out this weekend and pick up a few things, but now we don’t need to. (Thank heavens! I’m facing a cash-flow problem in my new start-up; I might not be able to pay my salary for the next month or two.)

I picked up the gift I’m sending on Monday, and need to go mail it tonight. It’s going to be hard to live up to what I got, though. You don’t mess around when it comes to “Secret Santa” stuff, do you?

If y’all are ever in Prague, please let me know. We’ve got to hook up.

As for Mrs. Tomcat and the baby- still waiting! The docs moved the date back a week to June 15th because of the babies size, but yesterday another doc said that the head is awfully low, sooo…We’ll see!

Take care, and best wishes to you and yours. Your thoughtfulness is astounding.


Oh how nice!

Eh. I am still sitting on mine, because said baby is not due for a few months, but I had SO MUCH FUN shopping.

Incidentally, my dear Scotti, if you hear from anyone else who wants to be a giftee, and who is having a baby that isn’t a summer baby, let me know. Because I sent a wee bit crazy. The combination of clearance sales, extra cash, and nostalgic feelings over how quickly my toddler is growing up…

You are entirely welcome, sweetie!

I am glad the box got there before the baby did…I was a bit concerned that the baby would be too big to fit into the newborn outfit by the time you got it. I had a blast finding things for the light of your life (to come), and I am sure TroubleAgain did too. So happy to hear that we didn’t get you anything you didn’t need. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that things are going well, and I am praying for an easy delivery and a healthy MELLOW TomKitten!

Much Love,


Do you mind if I include my thanks here? I hope not!

Emma Kate received her Secret Stork gift yesterday. And it was from none other than rocking chair–one of her very favorite SDMB friends!

She received a gorgeous treasure box with her name on it in beautiful clouds! Inside the box, her treasures were awesome! There was a precious little angel, a lovely spoon (quite a keepsake, too!) and Mom’s favorite–an evil rubber duck! That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! And the best thing about the treasure box (which took so much hard work) is that it actually perfectly matches Emma Kate’s room!

Thank you so much, rocking chair. As always, your generosity is amazing to me. You are a great person and Emma Kate will never forget all that you’ve done for her.

(P.S. More thanks to Scotti for being such a sweet person and putting this whole thing together. You are so selfless and generous. And your pictures will be coming just as soon as I get them in my hands!)

bump for TroubleAgain to see.

And yes, thank you Scotticher for arranging this all. Really nice of you. I’m glad we got to trade a few emails as well. I saw your return address on there- nice area! It even has a lot to do with how things turned out so that this could happen- my wife and I met here in the Czech Republic, but we fell in love in Seattle and Vancouver where we were both working in the summer of 1995 (she nannied in Van, I landscaped in Seattle, we hung out on weekends; driving right by your house I bet). We have even thought about moving back to that part of the world if we leave here.

Gotta run, but thanks again!


you and emma kate are most welcome. enjoy those baths!!!

Tomcat, I’m so glad you got your giftees, and that they are things you needed. There are a couple of other things I usually like to include that I couldn’t find this time, but I know parents can always use a diaper bag, especially one that doesn’t LOOK like a diaper bag, and onsies are always a practical favorite. And who can resist toys? (Just because my hubby and I don’t want kids doesn’t mean I don’t melt when I see babies and baby things!!!) Of course, Scotticher did her usual thoughtful job on gift selecting. Isn’t she wonderful?

I got mine a little while ago, too.


My parents were rather surprised and impressed that something like this could take place. Aaron is now the best-equipped baby in all of San Antonio.

BTW, it looks like he’s going to be a bit early too, what with his size and all.