I had a job interview!

I have been working as a contract worker for six months. The place I am assigned to is nice, the assignment is doing what I do for a huge company. It is not my choice to be a contractor, I was laid off last November. This is the first job I found. I am at my second assigment for this same company, and I got a 40% raise over my first one, so that was nice. But I don’t have any guarantee that this assignment will continue, and I don’t have real benefits. Now this assignment is drying up.


I got a call Wednesday. He had seen my resume on monster. I made an appointment for today. He said the longer the interview lasted, the better my chances were. NO sense in wasting time with someone who didn’t have what it takes. Today, I had a 3 hour job interview! It is for a real job earning real money with real benefits. The interviewer said that he would call me next week either way. No more inperson interview would be needed as he had seen what he wanted to see. He did have a couple of more candidates that he had to talk to interview yet. He seemed impressed with me and pleased at my skills! He said that I was the real thing! I am so excited!

Even if I don’t get it, the call and the interview were a big ego boost. He did not blink at my salary range, which is 25% higher than my last real job. He said that it was mid range for this position. Which fits in with my research. It also means that salarywise I would be back on track with my predictions based on my earlier career.

Congrats ! That is great! I love hearing good news.

Woohoo! Congratulations.

Wishing you luck, let us know if you get it.

Good luck to ya. As a former job-shopper who went captive, I wish you the best.

I hope so much that I get this job. I hate waiting.

Best of Luck Lee - I’m sending positive vibes your way! Mine seem to be potent this week since I landed the 4th job I interviewed for after being in the job market for less than two weeks :smiley: Celebratory linky poo. I hope you’ll your very own next week!

Me too. I really like the people that I interviewed with and the interview seemed designed to eliminate those people that I hate working with most: all flash, no real knowlege other than the ability to throw around jargon and pass multipe choice tests.

Thanks to all of you posting encouraging words.

I have enjoyed this contract, but I hate being on contract. I also hate hunting for a job. I have spoke to too many people who don’t want to pay reasonable salaries and who want to avoid hirining an actual employee. I spoke to one person who wanted to pay $20 an hour for 6 weeks to do a migration from Exchange 5.5 to 2000. The six weeks included the planning time. It would have been and hour and a half commute each way. I laughed at them. Thank goodness I had a current contract and was not forced to consider their offer.

COBRA runs out in April. I have to find a real job or hubby will be uninsurable.