I hate abortion debates!!!!

Please! No! Dont let this thread become a debate!

Honestly. A nice talk with my friends turns into a red faced screaming session. Emotions run high and we argue like it’s the most important thing on earth. I love a good conversation about current issues with good friends, but discussing abortion just doesnt work.

I am pro-choice. I am very strongly pro-choice. But I dont want to talk about it. Maybe I will if someone brings up a novel new twist, but in general it’s a bad subject. every argument has been done to death and we are never ever ever going to agree. You will never “convert me” and I am not too interested in “converting” you, especially is you agree to keep your laws, so to speak to yourself.

So when I say “I’m pro-choice, but I dont think this is a good subject to discuss” listen to me. Dont direct me to pictures of bloody fetuses or whatever because I am just going to yell rhetoric back. And we’re gonna yell for hours on end and go home with looking at each other a little less favorably.

Honestly you and I will probably not ever have to have (or not have) and abortion. Nor do either one of us make the laws. So maybe we ought to let this little one rest.

What is there to discuss? You’re just an evil murderer anyway :wink:

[sub](I’m with you 100%. Can’t be debated. Can’t change minds. And I’m pro-choice, or as we say it here, pro-abortion, too.)[/sub]

ooh ooh ooh!! One of my most hated topics!!

those goddamn assholes who come running up to me to give me another pamphlet of aborted Babies and how I’m going to hell if i disagree with them. I usually just dodge them or silently tell them that if they ever disturb me with the pamplets again that I will stuff the whole wad up their ass and light it on fire.

But at least with the pamphlets they can control who are seeing the pictures.
no, this isnt good enough for these crunchy day old wanksocks.

They put up Banners and posters. Babies head in a jamjar, 3 foot by 5 foot. Dismembered foetus, 4ft by 4 ft poster. Large sign saying that you are going to hell, 6ft by 4ft.

I hate these people. I hate the fact that your signs are visible to children who may be extremely upset by this.

If I ever have a child, be sure that I will educate him/her about these matters when s/he is old enough to understand, not when ever you impose your self righteousness upon me.

May the lord curse you and all of your ilk.

Sheesh! You just don’t get it, do you? Let me put this in small words so you understand:

The are right.

It is their duty to delineate the nature of your nefarious thoughts. Why can’t they simply live their lives let you live yours? Because they must make the wicked righteous!

Praise the Lord my brothers and sisters!


Give me an Amen!


maybe a little * too * small?

I usually avoid the Pit, but I’m just here to say that I totally agree with the OP!

My mind cannot be changed on the subject. Period. So I try to change the subject if at all possible, if I am conversing with an anti-choice friend.

I used to be a volunteer escort for terrified young women seeking abortions in Milwaukee. That was back in the days when they could get right in the woman’s face with their pamphlets, right up to the clinic door. Nope, can’t make me change my mind.

Thank god there’s millions of other things to talk about! I like to be friendly with others despite our differences of opinion on an issue or two.

I chose to give birth and share 2 of my children with a couple who could never have any of their own… they are extremely happy and healthy. MY CHOICE.

If I had been raped… i probably would have had an abortion, and that should be my right to decide… its MY body and conscience and I am the one who has to ‘live’ with my decision… MY CHOICE

So, not saying i’m pro-life or pro-abortion… for ME… would greatly depend on the circumstances of how the baby was created in the first place… however, IMO, abortion used as a means of birth control is wrong… if you don’t want to get pregnant, then use any of a dozen methods to prevent it… if a child is an ‘accident’ (hate that term), and you don’t want it… then give find a couple who cant have any and want a child desperately, and let them adopt it. Open adoptions are great, as you can get regular updates on the child and know how they are doing, etc…

In conclusion… (yes, I really have one)… am jumping off the fence and landing on the PRO-CHOICE side… :wink:

I’m in absolute, full agreement with the OP. Abortion debates are usually nasty, hurtful, invective-filled diatribes where each side tries to paint the other as evil monsters (“You want all babies to die!” “You want all women to be slaves!”) and themselves as righteous warriors of God and freedom (“But we want these babies to live!” “But we feel that women should not have their rights abridged!”).

And for the record, I’m neutral-tending-to-pro-life. But more muddled than actually of a specific position.

'Twas a joke, wring.

How about the fanatic pro-lifers who feel they are getting their message across by killing abortion providers? Can we say “mixed-messages,” boys and girls?

i’m tired of you anti-abortion debate-ists telling me what i can and cannot debate. the decision to debate is a difficult one and should be left to the the pro-lifer and pro-choicer to choose. keep your laws off my voice!
pro-debate-choicers unite!

It’s equally annoying to be told that by virtue of being male I’m not allowed to have an opinion, or at least it doesn’t count for anything.

BTW, if you tell me I can’t possibly change your mind, that’s basically like saying “I dare you to try”. And because I think we’ve got human lives at stake . . . do I need to finish that sentence?


I’m pro choice, but I highly doubt I’d ever be able to undergo an abortion. I feel that you shouldn’t restrict other people’s rights to decide what they think is best for them. Most pro life people don’t think about what happened before the right to have abortions came into play. A lot worse consequences were there for anyone not wanting to be pregnant, often enough were due to trying to cancel the pregnancy by their own hands. I just don’t like discussing this subject with people who don’t take that into consideration.

I am sick and tired of people saying that women who have abortions are murderers and cultivate a culture of death, when the women are actually timing themselves for both herself and her child(ren) to lead more productive lives. And I am so sick of tired of hearing people think that their rights are so inviolate that sacrificing fetuses for any reason, whimsical as it may be, to reeinforce these rights must be correct.

I caught the joke. Did you catch the typo? or was that a second joke?

The real question we should all think about is at what point in a abortion rant’s development does it become a full-fledged debate. And after how many posts does a thread closing become immoral?

No that it matters to me. I’ve murdered many a thread. I once locked a thread in MPSIMS just to watch it sink.

A recent “rant” about gun control turned into a full fledged debate here in this forum. Five pages of the usual statistics and arguments. Ho hum. But in the spirit of the Dope, I hesitated to put the brakes on any exchange on information.

But I’m gonna fire a warning shot early on here. If I even smell a debate brewing here I’m aborting this thread. If only because a debate would be highly ironic.

Don’t suppose you have a cite for that, 'gene?

Hmph. Thought not.

Something else I hate about abortion debates is the term “pro-life”.

What, the rest of us are anti-life? Yeah, life’s a BAD thing…

I agree with the OP.

I happen to be pro-choice, but I completely understand the vehemence of the other side. I mean, they think it’s a life-and-death matter. They think it’s murder. Just because I don’t agree with that position doesn’t mean I don’t understand that their conception of abortion is not the kind of thing they believe one can just sit back and let happen. If I ran across something I thought was the murder of innocent life? You wouldn’t find me swayed by arguments about “privacy” or “rights.” Thus, I don’t expect them to get that part of my stance.

On the other hand, since I feel differently, it’s damned irritating to hear the rhetoric. So I too feel like running, screaming, when the debates start.

It’s like I see blue and they see yellow and we are each arguing about the color of something. Our basis for discussion is so different, discussion won’t get us anywhere.

Pro-choice. Course they could go ahead and have them and sell them like one of my kin did with two out of three she had. The first one she had she pawned off on anybody that she could.

I think most of the aborts are usually teenagers that are scared of anybody finding out.

Nope don’t want to see any of those jar pictures are garbage cans either.