I hate being sick..

This sucks… not just sucks ass but major goat cock…

I’m sick. I’ve been sick for the past few days. I don’t know how I even survived work yesterday and even then I was allowed to leave early. I probably shouldn’t be working considering I work at Tim Horton’s but there have been changes! One lady quit… so only 2 of us work night shift now… meaning if I don’t go in tonight the store will be closed overnight and I’ll lose my job…

My head right now is pounding so much combined with lethargy, major hunger, tiredness, thirsty as hell… at least I’m not coughing everywhere… and after tonight I have 2 days off… Thank goodness…

I called the manager this afternoon and said I probably couldn’t come in tonight… shouldn’t come in tonight… and his exact words were “What can I do about it?”

The whole reason I am sick in the first place is because I picked this up from one of the donut bakers. Yep. She came in because Joel refused to give her a day off too, her voice was almost completely gone and she’s sick as well. She just had 2 days off (normal days off) and is now back… still sick too.

Isn’t that breaking a health code or something? Both of us have contact with food (her with donuts, me with sandwiches and finished donuts/muffins etc though I do wear gloves and use waxies to pick up the donuts) but still… I’m going to the docs tomorrow… after I go pay off people who bug me for money… I can’t lose my job… but I really shouldn’t be going in when this sick. I only hope it’s as slow tonight as it was last night because somehow I think I’ll be moving slower than usual.

Yeah lame rant but the ringing in my stuffed ears is driving me to distraction…

Depending on where you live, yes. In California food-handlers are not permitted to work when sick, or if they have cuts or burns on their hands. I suspect this rule is wildly violated because of people like your manager who don’t care. Please spit in his coffee.

makes you wonder how SARS is spread.

Not slamming you Ob, and I’m sure you don’t have SARS since the odds of that here alone in China is pretty dang small, but employers have to be held responsible for making employees sick, and sick employees work

I’m pretty sure it’s breaking a Health Code here in Canada… my roomie actually told me to call the labour board and the health board… but wtf? I need my job… It took me forever to get home because I was moving so god damned slow that once I got off work I sat in the store for about 30 minutes before getting tea to help soothe my throat and over to the convenience store to get some tylenol… so now I’m home and will have to be up a few more hours to do stuff.

Thank goodness I have the next two nights off. That should give me time to heal up better. I was a little better at work tonight (if you discount the dizzy spells) and it was slower so I managed to get pretty much everything done on time so I could leave early. Then like I said I ended up sitting there chatting with a regular because I didn’t want to move to get my tea and go home.

Don’t you have a union or something?