I hate food. Are there any other options?

Well, that’s not entirely true.

I just hate eating. I hate having to go through the process. Specifically for breakfast and lunch; taking an hour to make dinner and another hour to eat it is a pleasure. But I don’t care about breakfast and lunch, mostly because I don’t have the time to make them pleasurable experiences.

So – what would people suggest? Should I start with the breakfast shakes? One can for breakfast, another for lunch? What do other people do?

I’m right there.

Mother of a friend had something wrong with her pancreas and had to spend 8 days in the hospital on IV. Couldn’t eat. Sounded good to me, except for the fact that she couldn’t drink either. I like drinking.

I recommend: really high protein stuff because you don’t have to eat as much of it. EAS Advantage–it’s not just for breakfast anymore. A semisweet Dove bar and a hot drink will keep you going for awhile. A Snickers bar and a Pepsi will hold you until dinner. Calories + caffeine, that seems to be the rule. (I guess it could be decaf or tea as well. Obviously IANA dietician!)

I prefer “fresh” shakes that you mix with water on-the-spot, even though it’s easier to open a can they taste icky to me. Not that the other kind tastes great or anything. Stir for 1 minute, drink it fast.

(PS I have not had a lot of sympathy for this condition among my friends. They think I’m strange.)

I used to be like that. Peanut butter sandwiches. They take 10 seconds to make, they’re chock full o’ protein, and they’re yummy.

I once had a colleague tell me that he hated eating. But instead of using your reasoning, he explained that he just hated to chew. I’d never heard that one before.

I recommended that he make smoothies. They’re very quick to make, even quicker to drink and with a little creativity they’re made interesting with all the possible combinations. I have what’s called “The Super Smoothies Deck,” which is a little box that contains 50 recipes in individual card form for smoothies. The title of the box is Super Smoothies, by Mary Corpening Barber. Although some of the recipes are a little too different for my taste, I do like many of them.

Q: What does Little Plastic Ninja make for dinner?

A: Reservations.

Heh. :slight_smile:

I actually love cooking, but I just don’t care about breakfast and lunch. Dinner, though…tonight’s going to be pork roast, if I can swing it. I need to get a meat thermometer…

One meal a day would make me happy. I just get hungry if that’s all I do.

I have a banana and some milk for breakfast when I’m late or can’t be bothered. It seems to work very well.

I go for those meal-in-a-can (shakes), or insta-breakfasts (Carnation, etc.). There are a lot more opions in cereal bars these days: just had a “Nature Valley” Chewy Trail Mix (the fruit and nut one) which was just nummy, and just enough to get me from lunch to dinner.

I like to cook, on occasion, but the problem is that I’m more of a grazer (lots of small meals scattered throughout the day) than a 3-meals a day person. It seems almost silly to spend 10-20 mintues cooking in order to get what amounts to a small snack.

<< Bad command. Bad, bad command! Sit! Stay! Staaay… >>

I have to stay after myself to eat enough. I really do wish we could do it with pills.

In the morning I eat a piece of fruit (generally favor pears, plums and nectarines). Lunch is strictly protein - lots of Tyson chicken pieces find work at Casa Ringo; also nuke bacon, can of tuna, etc. It keeps me goin’ without slowin’. Carbs are forbidden until the evening meal.

I hate breakfast and lunch as well. So I don’t bother. I haven’t for years.

Dinner I enjoy, as well as my late night snack.

Bananas are good. I ate stacks of them when I was on a job which meant I had no time to eat proper meals and it didn’t seem to do me harm.

Given my preference, I’d like to stay on solid foods as long as possible. never know when that option will get taken away from me.

If I were to try and forego the eating experience (though I am a classic hedonist, Epicurean glutton), I’d probably opt for some sort of ‘bar’ item. At least that way, you keep your teeth working.

Once again, TV and the movies have provided us with answers:

Bachelor Chow

Quaker has come out with some kind of breakfast bar thing that has “the nutritional value of a whole bowl of oatmeal.” Yea, real appealing sounding, right? It’s actually pretty good for breakfast.

I actually rather like oatmeal…I may give that one a shot.

Once I can afford to buy…um…anything, at least.

Stupid paycheck. Stupid bills.

Could I possibly be the first to mention…***PEOPLE KIBBLE * **?

I eat People Kibble all the time, only around here we call it “handful of dry cereal.”

I’m not much of a breakfast person- I’m not hungry when I first get up in the morning, the tummy growls usually don’t set in until around ten, but that’s not a real convenient time to eat because I’'m usally in class.

I’ve found that a soy protien shake first thing gets my blood sugar up and keeps it pretty steady for a few hours until I have a break in class. Then a banana is a good thing, preferably accompanied by a glass of milk.

I’m also kinda fond of soybean butter. It"s actually fairly similar in flavor to peanut butter only a bit lighter. It’s also somewhat lower in fat and higher in protien. Make sure you get Trader Joe"s brand, though. Accept no substitutes.

I just did the biggest belly-laugh at this. You know, the kind where even sound stops coming out, just little blats of air. :::wipes eyes:::

To the OP, I second Kalhoun. Even if I’m not hungry, but know I need to eat, I grab some peanut butter. Sandwiches, crackers or with fruit, it’s pretty versatile and keeps me from getting a headache or jittery. As far as the shakes, I think some of them taste pretty good. I do feel like I swallowed a bowling ball after drinking one though, and then oddly enough, about half an hour later feel hungry again.

I’ve tried the Quaker oatmeal bars and the cinnamon flavored ones are good. I’m going to try other flavors too. Really tasty.

I also like the honey-peanut SlimFast bars.

I used to wonder how people could not enjoy eating. A couple of months ago my shrink put me on zonegran which is an anti-convulsion drug, I think. But somewhere along the way they’ve discovered that it also interferes with compulsive behaviors such as eating and shopping.