I hate food. Are there any other options?

Well, I’ve got some pretty appalling indigestion; that might have something to do with it. Whenever I eat, though for some reason only during the day (when I eat the worst food for me, natch), I get violently ill.

Yoghurt is your friend. By itself, with fruit, with cereal, and mixed up with milk or soymilk or juice. Lots of flavors, cheap, good, nutrious, easy to fix and eat.

Toaster waffles made into a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast. Some fruit and a Balance bar for breakfast or lunch. Carrot juice in the morning does wonders for the blood sugar. That and a handful of nuts will keep me going until lunch. I think nuts are key because they add some protein and (good type) fat into quick snacks, which are often mostly carbohydrates (which, by themselves tend to leave you unsatisfied and drowsy).

Another thing I do that helps is to set aside time on the weekend to prepare stuff. Chop up some melon, apples, etc, and put them in the fridge, so they’re ready to grab.

Ummmm do you have kids at home? I would start with them

Drink lots of coffee and smoke lots of cigarettes… does wonders for reducing your appetite.

I started a similar thread a while ago. You are not alone.

Nix on the coffee and cigarettes, I fear; the coffee apparently contributes to kidney stones, and I like my lungs…

I love breakfast, the eggs, the bacon. Love lunch, my sandwhiches put Subway to shame. And then dinnner, well, who could forego a nicely cooked meal after a long day? And then a snack…