I Hate My Neighborhood

I didn’t mind my neighborhood when I first moved in nearly three years ago. In the span of three months I had my air compressor and a 5 gallon gas can stolen, my car window was smashed in by someone looking for valuables, and there was a fist fight involving about 18 teenage boys in my front lawn. Even after all that I was hopeful. You know what? Other than rowdy college parties things weren’t really that bad over the course of the first two years. This past year and a half has really seen my neighborhood go downhill.

First, a number of houses in the area started being broken into. I count myself fortunate that nobody broke into my home. A group of young men clad in red tend to hang out on the street next to mine. Even though they should be in school they’re not. Nor do they appear to work. When they walk through the neighborhood they like to peer into automobiles and I’ve seen them walk onto yards casing houses. Yes, I’ve called the police when I see that behavior.

Not to long ago a neighbor down the street shot a seventeen year old who broke into his house, killing him. Two days later someone did a drive by shooting of the house but the neighbor had already moved out by then.

Then there’s the new neighbors I have gotten. The first set where a group that lived across the street. Quite honestly, I’m not really sure how many people lived there at any given time. It wasn’t that there was an inordinate amount of people living there it’s just that they seemed to rotate people. Their kids behave like animals. They tear shit up, I’m pretty sure they killed the baby birds in the nest in my front yard, and they’re loud and obnoxious (no, I don’t hate kids). Thankfully, they had a fire and the house is no longer fit to live in. Yay! These are the kind of people who let their three year old girl play on the street without supervision of any kind. I live at the top of a hill, someone driving up the hill too fast won’t see her in time to stop. Then there’s the crazy religious singing in the front yard. The parent(s) constantly shout at the kids and swear very loudly.

The neighbors that moved in directly next door are pretty bad as well. Their kids are hellions and they own about a million fucking cats. I’m a laid back guy and I don’t mind if one cat is hanging out but you shouldn’t have that many. I think someone called animal control or something because I haven’t seen them around in a while. However, these kids seem to think that my yard is their playground. When the kids next door combine with the kids down the street it just gets worse.

The newest neighbor is directly behind me (I have a corner lot). She likes to take her dog out to poop in other people’s yard. I have caught her using my yard, my neighbor’s yard, and I have asked her to stop. Honestly, I don’t really know what I can do to make it stop.

I’m tired of it. I used to have good neighbors but they saw the writing on the wall long before I did and they left. I should have left a year ago at the latest. So it’s partially my fault I suppose. Still, fuck you neighborhood. Because of you I can’t enjoy a few days away from my home for fear that it will be broken into, I worry about leaving my wife alone overnight because someone might break in, I worry about kids leaving their trash in my yard, and neighbors who don’t respect personal property. In short, I am sick of this place and am packing. I am so happy to be a renter right now.


Thank goodness you are a renter! How soon can you move?

Too bad the 5 gallon gas can got stolen, that could have helped take care of some of the nastier houses.

Wow - I would be so grateful to be a renter. Sounds like a pretty crappy neighborhood - hope you can move soon!

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Please, do tell us, where exactly, do you live?

Because it sounds a bit of a hellhole. I’m glad you’ve taken the decision to move, good on ya!

I live in Little Rock, Arkansas. I’m really on the border of the good and bad neighborhoods. If you go a little deeper into the neighborhood things start looking a bit nicer. My area hasn’t gotten so bad that everyone has bars on their windows but it might be like that in a few years. No telling when I’m moving. Within a few months I hope.

But… but…I thought America was the greatest place in the world to live?
Sorry, I don’t mean to be snarky, this sounds like it sucks for you and I hope you can move some place better soon.

A million fucking cats must be a sight to behold.

And a million cats fucking, would be really loud!

Especially if they were felines.

Aren’t all cats? :confused:

Look on the bright side, your rent should be pretty cheap, if not you should be negotiating it down.

Let me guess, your south of I-630 near Broadway?

Not the Hip ones! You are one crazy cat!

For a second, I thought you lived in my neighborhood. I don’t have obnoxious kids, but my neighbor gets pissy if I move my car around the corner to avoid a parking ticket (I’ve already resolved to stick the ticket in her door if I get one because of her.), and there is a lot of noisy drama that happens late at night (and which I suspect is alcohol-fueled). They do have an obnoxious teenage daughter and a ratdog that they allow to run around unleashed. Suffice it to say that these are people I’m not going to go out of my way to be friendly to. Civil, yes; friendly, no.

On the other hand, the woman who moved in next door last November is an absolute doll. She more than makes up for the asshole neighbors.

I was going to guess somewhere around Kanis and Barrow. Could be any of SW LR though…

My neighborhood has gone south too. They cleaned up Bucktown/Wicker Park and all the trash relocated a few blocks north to Logan Square (this is Chicago).

Now it’s drug deals, and robberies and rats are just everywhere again. What is it about poor people and rats LOL. It’s not like it’s so hard to actually put your garbage in the garbage can is it? The cans are everywhere. :slight_smile:

The only thing we haven’t got back is drive by shooting, which we had in the 90s.

Ah as soon as I can find a job I’m outta here like yesterday.