I hate photographers... and interviews... and...


I’m sitting here fretting - at 9:00, a journalist is popping by to do a story (again!) on my working dogs and my research. This is all find and dandy, I don’t mind babbling about it all for hours, n’ I’ve done it before.

When we spoke last week, though, he was all enthusiastic, because he found this story to be a “sexy story” - anything with dogs, apparently, does well! I can understand why…

Then, he tells me: “I’ll be sending our photographer over about a week after, so we can have a couple of pictures…” GAH! I hate photographers. I’m 100% non-photogenic. Tim (the journalist) laughed and said that his photographer was a good one, and that he could make any “cute girl with a cute dog” look good.

I told him he’d have a cute dog, but that for the rest, he may need to ask for someone else…

I HATE photographers. bleh!

… and now the interview component is this morning, n’ there’s no backing out…


Who would like to take in a Canadian refugee, hiding away from the photographers?


Bleh. Applying for refugee status? That’ll take a couple years just to get through the red tape. There’s probably a quicker way, somewhere.

I’m a photojournalist. Settle down. If you just do your thing and forget about the guy, it’ll be over in minutes. Otherwise, you’re just making it tough on both of you.

You know, it’s not true that having your picture taken will steal your soul, if that’s what you’re worried about.

My soul was stolen sometime in late August.

I’m getting it back in October.