I hate this whole daylight savings garbage

Ok, now I’m tired.

Apparently, manually setting an iPhone’s time does NOT mean you must also adjust for any springtime hour change. :smack:

So I’m in Israel for one more week. Back when I got here 3 months ago, I set my iPhone to airplane mode and then manually adjusted the time when I landed by picking the time zone (Tel Aviv).

At 2am here, we set the clocks forward one hour, thereby loosing one hour of sleep.

Last night, when I got in bed, I manually added one hour to my iPhone to adjust for this, then set my alarm and went to bed.

My alarm sounded at 6am, but man I was tired, and it was awfully dark out still.

Long story short, I think my phone knew to add and hour at 2am due to the time zone setting, meaning I was really off by an extra hour.

So now I’m sitting here, writing this at 6:15 am, though my phone says 7:15 am.

Damn you, iPhone… damn you to hell!


Saving. Not savings. Saving.

And yes, smartphones adjust the time automatically. Mine does, anyway.

The extra S is for the extra hour.

It makes sense that it updated, despite being on manual (since time zone was set).

Sometimes I amaze myself that I can even tie my shoes in the morning.

Did you see where it got to, after being freed?


Again, the exxtra O is for the extra hour!

Do you ever have to change the time on an iPhone? I don’t own one (or any apple products). Seems like it would be smart enough to account for that no matter where you go, but I dunno! Curious minds must inquire :slight_smile:

Maybe you were thinking of the Dumbphone.

Blame the stupid iPhone, not daylight saving time.

I’d rather blame the ridiculousness of DST and my own stupidity.