I *hates* it ...

… when the Boards go down for an hour and a half. Especially on a Friday. At lunchtime.

Meh. It pushed me out the door to get some yardwork done sooner than I would otherwise have done it.

Nice to see that it’s back up for my coffee break!

clicks ‘refresh’ for the hundredth time

–Oh, Straight Dope! Never leave me again. clings

my cats breath smells like cat food

Tell me about it. I was forced to…sobwork!

wail The horror! The horror!!

I blame Chuck Norris.

I’m only here today till 2! I was kind of enjoying posting today, too. And I prolly won’t be posting all weekend - waa! Sucks that it has to go down like this!

You shouldn’t use sucks and go down in the same sentence. Just sayin’.


You seem to be implying that this is a bad thing.

She’s been slipping up like this a lot lately. I think she’s doing it on porpoise.

I thought I had a dirty mind. No further comment.

I am unfamiliar with these euphemisms. Please enlighten.

None needed. It’s best when there is nothing to spoil the visions.

I think they are just really appallingly bad puns. And Punners go to a Bad Place. Like Cleveland.

Be careful, or something will ensue.

Sean, I think it already has.