I have 4 new games. Which should I play?

So I got back from Afghanistan on Sunday and have missed ALOT of games since Sept. The first game I got and just beat was Uncharted 2 (EXCELLENT game BTW). I know I need to play Mass Effect 2 but I didn’t get that one because it wasn’t used yet so the 4 games I have to play right now are:

Call of Duty MW2


Dragon Age

Resident Evil 5

Which is the shortest?

Which is the funnest?

Which was a bad buy?

Help me out here.

Call of Duty, I’ve heard, is easily the shortest. The game is really about the multiplayer anyways, so that would instantly make it the longest game if you take that into account.

I hated Resident Evil 5’s control scheme and didn’t buy it. I played the demo and despised it.

Borderlands is a really good game and worth playing online with people. Also, if you play with more folks, you get more experience and better loot.

Dragon Age might be the longest game here, especially if you’re a completionist or achievement whore. Really good game, too. I’d recommend the DLC, too.

Welcome back into the country.

Yeah I booted up RE5 last night just to take a look at it and the graphics suck compared to Uncharted 2. The dudes forearms are MASSIVE.

Does Borderlands have a story? Is there a complete narrative? I haven’t been able to tell from the reviews.

Sure. Get shit and complete quests. There’s a vault on Pandora and you have to find it, and blah, blah, blah. Did you like Mad Max? Of course you did. You’ll dig Borderlands.

Dragon Age is the best, but it also may be as long as the other three combined.

Borderlands is best enjoyed with friends in co-op, as LOUNE mentioned.

If you are a Call of Duty fan you already know what you’re getting into there. Not my type of game, but I don’t judge.

Did not play RE5, so no comments.

This drives me nuts. All games with co-op or solid multiplayer components are best enjoyed there, with friends.

I dunno. I am a big fan of single player games. I deal with people all day, as often as not when I am gaming I am looking for some alone time. It’s different if we’re having a LAN night or something, but if I am just talking about an hour or two after dinner, my default mode is going to be offline. Except in a game like Borderlands, where the co-op isn’t only better, it’s so much better as to be a massively different experience. And it is such a massively different experience in this case that it’s probably worth a mention.

Borderlands does have a story but it’s pretty bare bones. Don’t expect to be blown away by the plot. The game’s got a nice sense of humor about it though and the gameplay is pretty fun. Great for co-op fun with buddies. Stay away from public games.

Dragon Age is your best bet if you’re looking for a good story. Be prepared for 30+ hours for one run though if you can even stop at just one playthrough. I’ve been through it three times already though and am eager to run through it a few more times.