I have a boyfriend! How'd you meet your SO?

Last Thursday, after three years of flings and one-night stands, I finally landed me a boyfriend (hereafter dubbed The Cute One). I have been grinning like an idiot ever since :smiley: , as evidenced by this photo.
We were introduced by my stepsister and her boyfriend, who went to school with him. I took an interest as soon as I determined that he was available, but I couldn’t figure out if he was interested in me or not. Finally, last Thursday, I invited him over for dinner and a movie. Enabled by alcohol, I was flirting outrageously (“Can I feel your beard?”) but he still wasn’t giving me any signals. Finally, the movie ended. He got up to go. He stood right next to me. Alright, I thought, this is it. He walked past me to the TV. I held my position, and when he came back, he had to squeeze between me and the table. Our eyes met . . . and then we started a marathon 3-hour smooching session. Note to self: no more drunken smootching 'till 4 am on a workday.

Anybody else want to share how they got together with their SO?

Sure, I’ll play.

I’d been divorced for a year and a half (or so), and hadn’t really been looking to meet anyone. Got lonely, and decided that I’d make more of an effort. Lo and behold, some friends (who I’d literally just met a couple of weeks before) invited me to a party at their house. It was going to be a Latin-themed party–“Sangria Sunset” or something like that, and they said we could bring food if we wanted. So I made my special Cuban beef salad dish, dressed in my salsa-iest clothes (really loud, multicolored shirt, black pants, concho belt, black boots), and went. The entire day (even after I made the food), I’d been debating with myself whether or not to go; I didn’t think I’d know many people there. But then I said to myself, “Self, you just said you wanted to meet people. How in the world are you going to meet anyone if you never go anywhere where there’ll be strangers?” So I went.

And met the girl of my dreams; she was a friend of the party’s hosts. We got to talking, and I liked her a lot. Enough to ask the hostess for contact information after she’d gone. We went out a couple of weeks later, and now, a year and a half later, we’re still together. Living together, even.

I found out months later that my outfit had given her serious pause. Heh.

Oh, and by the way–it looks to me like your names are reversed. :wink:

My husband used to be my brother in law. We met at a family gathering.

That’s an odd time to start smooching, but if it works for you, go for it!

Met my lady playing D&D. She was the GM’s Girlfriend. They broke up. He moved out. I moved in. My character died.

I was working at a gourmet deli in Amagansett, NY, where a bunch of Irish girls worked. A pair was hired; two friends. Both cute, but I fancied one more than the other. So they left the deli, and I tracked them down about a month later. They had a place together, so I asked them if they’d like to have a tour of our local beaches by moonlight. Yes, fine, off we go. A fun evening, drop them off, and the one I like says, “So, Daithi - are you doing anything tomorrow?” Heart beats faster - “No, I’m not!”
“Good,” she says. “My friend here isn’t either - you two should go out!”

Well, that was 1987. The friend became Mrs. Lacha, so I guess the date went OK…

Oh my GAWD!! If you two aren’t just the cutest little things evaaaahh! I love the red-head, BTW.

Anyway–Bird Man and I met at work. We started on the same day in the same training group. When we finally started dating about three months later everyone was like “Yeah, weren’t you already together before you started working here?” It was rather written in the sky and what not. We get married in 40 days. grin

I don’t have one.

:frowning: opens up umbrella, sits under little rain cloud that forms above head and starts raining, is blue :frowning:

(Now that I’ve completely pooped everyone’s party…)

You have one of the most interesting family trees. :smiley:

I had been dumped by the boyfriend and had had the rebound guy ( who lived out of state.) and was busy with my pathetic life (work, home with mom-work-home with mom) and I decided that *Mr. Wonderful Was Just Not Going To Bang On The Door, Sweep Me Away And Take Me Off To Live Happily Ever After In Perfectville Where my kids are perfect, I never gain weight and I somehow learn to care about cooking and cleaning…or we have a maid.

So I was asked out by this guy that came into where I worked who was nice enough in a bland kind of way. Figured we would do dinner and a movie. I’d pay for the movie or something and then that would be it, because I knew I’d go into a coma with this guy before the door was closed on my side of the car after he picked me up.

So, he taked me to a softball game. I would have died of pure boredom if it weren’t for the hottie in outfield in his uniform. Mr. Vanilla Personality close friend. Mr. Ujest.

The rest, as they say, is history.

No worries, hon. Just sit over here with me and we’ll go, “Awwww,” at everyone’s cute stories.

The Weird One: you two even sort of look alike (it’s the glasses, I’m sure). That photo looks like a couple that have been together and insynch with each other for a while. Don’t tell him, that, though: you’ll jinx it!
And you are hot – you’re lucky you didn’t have to beat him over the head with a cluestick to get him to kiss you!

Yeah, me nei’r. Is there room under that umbrella?


I met him on an internet message board.

I met my SO over Yahoo Personals. He contacted me and raved about my profile (written by our very own Rue DeDay!). Despite the fact that he described himself as an occasional smoker, he seemed reasonable enough to meet for coffee.

I’m glad I did, because 8 months later I’m happy as a freakin’ clam. And since he, too, is a cutie patootie, I’m going to show you a picture of us at Disneyland. It’s not the greatest picture of ME, but HE photographs well.

Sure, it’s big enough for two. :wink:

brings umbrella over to Harimad-sol, snuggles up close to both of them

Via the internet, of course.
My girlfriend was checking out the Yahoo Personals and dragged me over to see the ads. You could still IM them if they were online and she wanted to chat with some. I liked Drachillix, but he was way too young, so I deleted his ad from the list my friend made for me. In the next few days, I was chatting with several men but his name didn’t delete and I accidently started talking to him. Giving him my phone number. Meeting him. Dating him. Marrying him.

Will it be okay if we quietly make gagging noises when the coupled folk aren’t looking?

I suppose so.

She turned up unexpectedly in my mailbox, in Canada, in the spring of 1996. Well, not her, but a letter from her, where she was at university in Mississippi. I had a classified ad in a publication for Beatles collectors. She responded to buy something. Not long afterward, she wrote again to buy something, twice more, IIRC. I didn’t hear from her for a couple of months, then she wrote to say that she was moving back to Florida and couldn’t buy anything this time, but would I still write to her? Well, of course I would! We got to be friends by mail over the summer and fall, and I flew down here to meet her in December. She visited me the following April and August, I came back in December, and at the end of April, 1998, I flew down here for the last time, to stay. We were married on May 9th. It’s been wonderful.

I called him a name in MPSIMS. He didn’t know what it meant. IMs ensued.

It was supposed to be a casual fling (Him: “You wanna…?” Me: “I’m in a relationship and you’re not my usual type, but sure, why not!”) It immediately got serious. The Elf and I have been together for nearly 4 years now.

Actually it’s a very long story, with many dramatic twists and turns, but we are deliriously happy together. I think I’ll send him a I love you email… :slight_smile: