I have a giraffe's pelvis.

No, not attached to me.
And no, not giraffe’s pelvis.
A giraffe’s pelvis. The pelvis of a (former) giraffe. Presumably it was no longer required for it’s orginal purpose and so it has come into my posession. I don’t know what to do with it. It’s not really practical as a paperweight or for potting a hanging plant in. I’d considered hitching it up to my alpaca and using it to plow up the vegetable garden this spring, but the alpaca is moody sometimes. Insists he is a llama, which he isn’t. In any event, he has been recalcitrant when it comes to yoking up and earning his keep.

So I need some ideas. Assuming the plow function doesn’t pan out.

You didn’t have some zoo shoot it for you, did you?

That would really be a problem if it was.

That was a stealthy giraffe. I doubt you’d even be able to find its pelvis.

If you build an otherwise-all-new giraffe around this pelvis, would it still be the same giraffe?

On a serious note, is there a school or science museum near your house?

Where did you get it?

It wouldn’t have anything to do with the thread"Danish zoo euthanizes shealthy giraffe. Rage, or meh?", would it?

Before I can brainstorm, I need to get a better idea what size a giraffe’s pelvis is. Is it bigger than a bread box? Big enough to turn into a funky chair?

OK, I googled. Here’s sort of an idea.


Before I can brainstorm, I need to get a better idea what size a giraffe’s pelvis is. Is it bigger than a bread box? Big enough to turn into a funky chair?

OK, I googled. Here’s [sort of an idea]

After looking at that picture, I say BEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME EVER! Rig it some way so the weight is carried on the shoulders and the pelvis is the mask part.

“Dude! What are you?”

“I’m a giraffe’s pelvis.”

“Here is your ‘Most Original Costume’ 1st place prize!”

I’d mount it on a wall and plant a staghorn fern in it.

Aw, you spoiled my joke!

But there was a sentence in a newspaper article that read:

*Winners in the school science fair were Tim Culbertson with the anatomy of a chicken, and Robert Frank with the nervous system of an earthworm. * :smiley:

I feel obligated to point out there there is an entire (rival?) site where posters, Dopers, and ex-Dopers who would be particularly interested in your pelvis.

I have a giraffe’s pelvis.

Yes, I’ll say it:

Must be a bitch to buy slacks. :smiley:

Big second on that. Wear a ski mask so no part of your face shows, and a floor length cloak (with hood, leaving the points (?) exposed). Stilts would add a nice touch.

If you stumble on to anymore dead giraffes would you mind removing the leg and back sinew. I use it on my bows and arrows.

Can you use it to make giraffe stock?

Common or preferred?

“What bodily quirks/mutations/oddities do you have?
I have a giraffe’s pelvis.”

Yeah, I know, this just happens sort of randomly according to when people post replies to the various threads. It still looks weird as hell.

I actually laughed. Out loud. Really.

I realize that’s what LOL is supposed to mean, but – keep this a secret – I cheat.

From the caption, I think she added horns from another animal to make it look more like a head. But even without the horns, that would make a good artsy/Mummenschanz head piece.

My good God, did you really say Mummenschanz? So YOU are the other person, besides me, that actually watched them? Are they still around? I used to love their stuff.

BTW, I was thinking The Devil’s Rain when I first saw the pic. Do not watch this awful, awful movie (John Travolta’s film debut, incidentally); forward to the last five minutes for cool FX.

I remember them being on TV talk and variety shows, back in the day. So I’m pretty sure there are a few other people who remember them. They have a website that says they’re still active. There are at least a few things on youtube. (Now I’m wondering if they were the talking hands on Labyrinth.)

I had to look up The Devil’s Rain, to see if it was the movie I was thinking of. I hadn’t noticed John Travolta, but IMDB says Ernest Borgnine was in it, so that matches. I saw it. I agree - not a great movie.

Speaking of old TV talk shows, I remember Ernest Borgnine being featured on one in the full ending-of-The Devil’s Rain costume. I think it was the Mike Douglas show.

Now I’m wasting a lot of time googling and I haven’t found out about Mummenschanz and Labyrinth, but I’ve discovered that Mummenschanz was on The Muppet Show. So the day hasn’t been wasted.