I have a job offer... No, wait. I have two!

As further proof that I am in fact the victim of a series of cosmic jokes, I submit the following. I was laid off eleven months ago from a really good job with a telecom company. I have spent the past near-year searching, searching, networking, occasionally interviewing but never NEVER actually getting a job offer.

This came to a screeching halt this week. I received a very nice offer on Monday. I went to an interview with someone else on Tuesday. And received another offer.

I am in the utterly bizarre position of having to pick between the two. Unimaginable even last week. Actually I have made my choice this morning and feel damn good about it. Is it too early for a celebratory beer?

I know there are those of you who have been and still are in the unenviable situation of being unemployed. I’ve seen you in some of the related threads in the past, and I know whereof you speak. Things will change faster than you realize. Keep the faith!


Congratulations! Luck and joy with your new career!

May I suggest you lead the one you don’t choose on for as long as possible, my buddy had two offers recently, informed company #1 that he had chosen company #2. At the last minute, the DAY he was supposed to go in and fill out all the new hire paperwork, Company #2 informed him of a hiring freeze.

He meekly called company #1, who were no longer interested.

Funny thing, this same thing happened to me when I was looking to move to NOVA. I wasn’t unemployed, but was in the unenviable position of wishing I was. Yep, the place I worked for was bad enough that unemployment was looking like heaven.

I spent more than a year sending off resumes and heard nary a word, unless it was “We’re looking for someone local.”

When it came to crunch time (the house had been sold and we were moving one way or the other) interviews and offers came out of the woodwork.

Keep up the faith unemployed ones, it’s all a matter of time.

Look at you, getting all hoggy with the job offers!!

Congratulations!! Hope the one you choose is a good one.

Congrats, krisolov. I hope that whichever you choose, it turns out to be lots of fun!


When it rains it pours.

Same thing happened to my husband. He was employed, but spent nearly two years looking. When it happened, it rained job offers.

No, drink up! And listen to what NurseCarmen said. :eek:

I got an offer for (and accepted) my current job two hours after accepting a lesser offer from a fellow I consider a friend (still), and had to turn around and tell him about it, and was very direct about it, and apologetic… thankfully, he’d not put my paperwork in yet.

I still owe that man beer.

Choose the one with the dental plan. You’ll thank me later.