I have a microphone. Now what?

Okay, I wasn’t sure if this should be moved to General Questions or not since it seemed to be a stupid question, but shoot.

I have a microphone on the computer. What I want to know is, how can I make sound files? What program on my computer do I use and how do I go about doing this?

For short, simple files just use the Windows sound recorder (assuming you have Windows). Just open the start menu and go to programs>acessories>entertainment and it will be there. Or somewhere else in accessories.

Goldwave, is priceless, and timeless, in my opinion.


It’s fairly easy to get the hang of even if you’re a complete novice–and for such a small package, it has an incredible amount of versatility.

I am of course assuming that you’re using a Windows-style OS. I don’t know if Goldwave has a utility for any other kind.


Hey, thanks guys! I found the sound recorder so far…but it only plays like 25 seconds and then stops! How can that be changed?

Ash, I’ll get to that link right away!

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Check your email soon, Beagle! The demo is there!

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Wrong thread, dear Welfy
The haikus thread is elsewhere
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