I have a tennis ball. I'm asking you for something either a little bigger or better in exchange.

What would you give me?

Whatever you give me, that’ll be my new item (that I’ll have to trade).
I’m wondering if I’d eventually be able to work my way up to a car (or something equally as good)…

Here, have an oversized tennis ball.. I’d keep it, but I don’t have an oversized tennis racket.

If you had a red paperclip, then maybe it would be worth talking about.

shakes fist

The impressive thing was that he got there in only 14 trades. Wet finger, that’s roughly tripling your value at each stage.

For your oversized tennis ball, I’ll give you a 6 pack of Guinness stout.


So who will give me something for this 6 pack? Anybody? Anybody?

Only give what you think you really would if this were real. :wink:

I’ll give you a copy of *The Cowboy and the Cross: The Bill Watts Story: Rebellion, Wrestling and Redemption *.

I have a brand new tennis racquet I’ll trade you. Wilson.

I will trade you a Big Lizard in a Jar:

Included: One Adult Hatian Curly Tailed Lizard, Preserved in 99% Alcohol in a lovely gasketed, wired Jar.

It looks a bit like THIS one does, but is much larger. Snout to vent, she is probably 7 inches or so not counting the tail. I collected the invasive little bugger myself down here in lovely sunny south Florida. She died of natural causes, but is in a beautiful shape without any damage. Curly Tails are interesting, fat lizards with armor on their backs like little crocodiles.

You would really trade that for a six-pack of beer?

How about a six-pack of “Billy Beer” from 1977?

I’d give you the pickled lizard, the six-pack of Guiness, the normal and oversized tennis balls, and the Billy Watts biography to KEEP that stuff. Blech.

Sure. I can get another anytime. They are all over the place. Besides, I’d like to see what the next trade would be for such and oddball Item.

Since this is all in fun though I’m willing to entertain other trades. :wink: