I have an enemy on this board

Ok, so for the last couple of weeks and moths I’ve done this and that, but there has been one person whose always got it in for me and it’s Ratty , it’s quite Ironic that your name fits the description, cause thats what you are, a miserable, ratty bastard, you hurt me, passing me off a lovesick teenager, who was in the depths of dispair, and you kicked me when I was down, thats the most despicable type of person I know but you know what? I’m better than you ! :wink:

(I wanted to Rant for ages about this person, and I frankly don’t care what the rest of you say):smiley:


If you’re gonna rip into somebody, give us a fucking link.

If this is a joke, then I don’t care.

Here is that fucking link neuroman :smiley:

Ryan_Liam, you have been taking pot shots at Ratty across the forums which is really scuzzy. If there is a reason for you to pit Ratty please do it here now you have opened this thread but for the hamsters sake, please get it out of your system once and for all and stop bringing it up in other threads in other forums like this and here too.

If it is all a joke then please do not assume we all follow your posts carefully enough to be in on it. You are looking like a twit of the highest order right now.

Eh. I read the thread in which you were looking for a clairvoyant. You made yourself look pretty ignorant, not just by showing a certain amount of gullibility about the whole psychic thing but also with the grammar and spelling you expressed your idea with. Ratty didn’t seem to me to be excessively hostile, just trying to point you firmly in the right direction.

Hope that doesn’t make me your enemy now too.

Well, then … don’t invite discussion by posting it on a message board. I’m serious. You post something, you are, implicitly, inviting responses, like it or not. And it is a good idea to think about what those responses might be, and whether whatever catharsis you get from making the post is worth whatever hassle you get as a result.

(And I’m not, honestly, seeing what you’ve got against ratty. The one post you linked to was slightly patronizing in tone, I grant you, but she also took the opportunity to be informative about cold reading … this being a subject which has been discussed in some detail on these boards before. I don’t see anything in that link to provoke outrage. Mild irritation, maybe, but mild irritation with another poster is probably worth keeping to yourself.)

An? You underestimate yourself.

I figured you were your own worst enemy.

Yet another Ryan_Liam try for attention. When will the madness end?

Insomuch as there are still other posters on this board…yes. Yes, you do.

Kiddo, I don’t think ratty is your enemy. The way I see it, she was simply trying to stamp out some ignorance.

If you want to believe in clairvoyants, that’s no skin off my ass–
I guess some poor benighted fools will always be available to keep the "Miss Cleo’s’ of the world in business. But don’t attack ratty for trying to keep you from being fooled, and from making a fool of yourself.

<Sigh> Go learn more about cold reading.


Oh…and BTW, your run-on sentences hurt my brain.

Damn you! You beat me to it! You are now my enemy!

Please, stop posting stupid shit on this board. I don’t think you need anymore ‘enemys’ which I’m sure you already have plenty of.

Jesus! Grow a thicker skin, little boy. Now run and play.


If anything, ratty was merely joking with you. That, however, is NO reason to call her an asshole in MPSIMS.

God I’m dumb. I knew the OP was Ryan_Liam, but I opened it anyway. :smack:

I’d say he overestimates himself. Why would anyone bother being his enemy?

'Cause we’re all supposed to be fighting ignorance. Ryan is an easily visible target.

Okay, Ryan, you say that Ratty is “hurtful” and that she’s a “b*tch” (is that a subset of “bitch”?).

So… gonna tell us why? Or did you take all the Doper usernames, print them out on a big piece of paper, and randomly throw a dart at the sheet to see who you’re not going to like?

I have it out for you too…