I have another Rent-A-Kid!

This morning, at 8:27 EST, my sister gave birth to a baby girl. Alexis Faith is 8 lb 2 oz and 20" long. She has an older brother who just turned 3. Whoo-hoo!!

Congratulations to Auntie, Mom and brother!

borrowing my son (age 16) to help you with that teenage learning curve that will come…

Congratulations! Alexis Faith – what a beautiful name! :slight_smile:

Congratulations, Uncle Strainger. Nieces (and nephews) are fun: you can teach them annoying tricks and then send them back to their parents. To whit, I taught Shelby the “see food” trick. She proceeded to show mom and dad at dinner and say “Aunt Shelly taught me that”.

::sniff:: My baby! ::wipes tear::

Thanks all!

BunnyGirl, I don’t know if I can do any better than what my brother-in-law will probably teach them, but I’ll try. Maybe I’ll teach them to imitate a zit using mashed potatoes. Or I can teach them to make farting noises with their hands in their armpitsp; I have a really good sustain.

Slight, correction, Spider Woman, I’m an uncle. Thanks, though! Hey, I can be excited about and proud of my niece and nephew and still be masculine – right? Right?


I’m rather looking forward to being presented with a niece or nephew…but not for several years, I hope, my brother being all of sixteen. He BETTER not have any kids yet.

Congratulations Uncle Strainger!!!

I am sitting here waiting for my very own Godson to be born…he should be here any day now. :slight_smile: