I have my own desk!

I have been using a table for a desk for over two years now. Even before that the desk I had had a couple of shelves, but no drawers. Yesterday for $5 I bought a full sized sturdy steel desk that apparently in 1992 was used at the Chicago Board of Exchange. It has a pencil drawer in the center and two drawers on the left and three on the right. I am ecstatic. I have everything I kept on my table arranged and put away and it all fits tidily and best of all, I can reach everything.

Hubby had the infuriating habit of putting things I wanted to be able to reach quickly like tissues as far away from me as possible and still be on the table. I caught him several time walking by and moving them for no apparent reason. When I moved my desk so the back was against the wall, he changed to make special trips for no other reason that I can find than to move my tissues. They are no in a even closer and more easily defensible spot. Who knows, I might even be able to keep some scotch tape of my own in my desk!

I agree that a nice desk is more pleasant to work from. I have a beat up old one I got at a company that was going out of business, but someday I might break down and get a good one.

At work I have the L-shaped cubical desk. I miss the government-issue desks I worked on at the AFB and the contractor I went to after that. I just like the big, grey, clunky things.

I moved the free-standing table out of my cubicle yesterday, and moved in a two-drawer filing cabinet. The files had been in a box in the boss’s office, and she decided it made more sense to put them in my office (half-office, as there are two cubicles in it) because I’m the only one who knows how to run the programs to process the data. I didn’t use the table, so I don’t miss it. I like the extra room.

Congratulations! I have a desk, but my daughter is using it right now. So my laptop is on a TV tray. Go fig. :smiley:

For the last 22 years, I have not had a drawer that was my own, aside from a drawer for underwear, a drawer for tops and a drawer for pants, and my husband puts the laundry in them, so they are not private spaces. He has no discretion, whenever something new goes in there he asks about it. The last think I remember that happening for was a diskette with private keys for a company I worked for. If those keys were lost, the server was junk, and so with my bosses permission I kept a copy there, as well as the one in the “fire proof” safe. It took a while to explain why it was important that the disk not be moved to some “more appropriate location”.

It is nice having a bit of space of my own, while it lasts.