I haz a sad

I went through some old papers to shred them, and found pay stubs from the job I had to quit under very bad circumstances in early 2012, as well as bills and other paperwork from that time in my life.

It’s something I just didn’t want to be reminded of, and can’t think of any way to cheer myself up. Even that “Negative Celebrity Encounters” thread didn’t do it.

Yeah, I realize things could be a lot worse. But it’s real for me.


Does this help?

S/he wants to be cheered up, not scared to death.


That cat doesn’t look very happy about being painted.

It’s just that all this reminded me of what this did to my colleagues, whom I liked, and in addition it was a terrific company to work for, and on top of it all, the job was literally killing me. It wasn’t a decision made lightly, because I had only worked there 6 months and had moved to a town where I knew absolutely nobody.

Sometimes I think I would like to come out of early retirement, but for now I don’t have to, and whenever I hear people talk about how poorly employers treat them, I keep reminding myself that I’m doing the right thing. At least I don’t have anyone else (human, anyway) depending on me.

I’m thinking that’s Photoshopped. You can tell by the pixels.

When I’m feeling a little down or even just kind of blah, I always find that this cheers me up.

[spoiler]How can anyone feel bad when looking at a rabbit with a pancake on it’s head?

They can’t. No one can. It’s likely the picture in the dictionary for “mirth”![/spoiler]

Watch this.

That’s much better than the scary-ass clown cat.

Dammit, Bo. Now I want pancakes.

… And, possibly, stewed rabbit.

ETA: Early retirement? That’s not near heaven. It IS heaven. (I’m at work while typing this … ) That said, I hope you soon haz no sad.

I realized that I sold my house 2 years ago today. Maybe that was a factor. Anniversary reactions really do happen.

In between, I had to be domiciled somewhere because I had a contract job at a startup that I realized almost immediately was not the job for me, because (among other things) the regular employees weren’t getting paid. :mad: The interview with the disastrous job was just a week later, and yes, I moved twice in 2 months. Let’s not go there; it was as bad as it sounded.

As for early retirement, I worry about getting really sick, my health insurance not paying or getting cancelled (I’m buying my own) and running out of money.

This evening, I have to go to a meeting for a charity organization I signed up for, and if I’m lucky, I won’t come out of there feeling like there went 1 1/2 hours of my life that I won’t be getting back. :rolleyes:

Anniversary reactions: true dat. True dat!

The meeting was actually quite productive, and I’m eating a hot fudge sundae right now, so life is somewhat better.