I hereby pit Cynthia McKinney...she of the raging ego and race card

It’s been a week since the incident where 4th Distict Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney attempted to enter the capitol without wearing the lapel pin that identifies her as a member of congress. Since she walked around the metal detector, bore no identifiable identification and refused to stop when commanded to…she hit the capitol police officer that forced her to stop.

And, according to her, he didn’t stop her because she violated security procedures in one of the most symbolic targets in the country. He didn’t do it because she had no visible ID. He didn’t do it because she refused to stop.

She says he did it because she’s black.

This is apparently a change of heart for her. On the day of the incident, she issued this statement on the House of Representatives website.

So what changed in a week? Did she get upset that she didn’t get a free pass, now that a federal prosecutor is contemplating filing assault charges against her?

Or is she simply putting on the holy hat of victimhood as a knee-jerk reaction?

And yes, the Republicans are taking a cheap shot by sponsoring a “the capitol police are doing a wonderful job” resolution in response to the furor. Would they have still done it if she had apologized and moved on? Who knows? But anyone who criticizes them and gives McKinney a pass is being intellectually dishonest in favor of blind partisanship.

Here’s a thought for you, Cynthia. If you don’t want to be bothered by following the security procedures of the little people, wear the ID pin they gave you. If asked to stop by an officer, stop and act like a grownup. And have some damned personal pride by owning up to your wrongdoing instead of playing the race card. Doing so cheapens the impact for those who fight back when actually discriminated against.

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Yeah, well, what McKinney did may be bad, but DeLay does worse stuff!


Yeah! And GWB started an illegal war and Clinton got a blow job and Bush Sr increased taxes even though he promised not to and Reagan was a senile old fool and Carter was just an idiot peanut farmer and…

There, that should cover it.

It’ll be a cold day in hell before I let you trail off before cussing out President Johnson!

children these days. how on earth can such a list not mention Nixon? Hmmm??

Meh. This is nothing compared to what DeLay did. :smiley:

McKinney rebuked by her leader

She’s an asshole, and a crazy one at that. And since McKinney and DeLay’s scandals are now kinda linked on this board, I’ll add that The Daily Show did a good job tearing into both of them last night.

Seriously, though, Ms. McKinney is a perfect example of why I rarely pay attention to what goes on in the House. There’s always some loon on one side or the other making a fool of himself/herself. She’s just the latest of a long string of nut cases, and she’s doing an excellent job of carrying that banner. I don’t expect anyone on this board is going to defend her.

I wasn’t alive when he was President, so he gets a pass from me. But I’ll take your word for it if you want to call him a goat-feltching fuckhead from Hades.

…and Jefferson was a revolutionary hothead with no clue how to run a country once he had one and Adams was a reactionary who signed a law to silence his political enemies and Washington was rather too aristocratic to be a proper founder of a republic.

Now, that should cover it. :smiley:

Fuckin’ Chester A. Arthur.

That’s “goat-felching beagle-torturing fuckhead from Hades,” if you please.

None of that happened. Michelle Malkin says so. :smiley:

SteveMB - how could you forget the Congress of the Confederation? :wink: