I just discovered my weakness

Just having returned from a little bit of shopping, I have realized my kryptonite-like weakness. It turns out that I am a sucker for a discount card.

I’m not sure how I failed to realize this. Overflowing with plastic. I have discount cards for my grocery store, two used video game stores, a video store, a camera store and two book stores. In fact, I can only recall one time that I’ve turned down a discount card when it was offered (it cost more than I spend at the store in two months on average.)

Just today, I got my second book store discount card. (To be fair, the other one is for a book store that doesn’t have a location in the area where I attend college but does have several in my home town.)

Checking out as usual, the cashier asks if he can interest me in a discount card. My ears prick up. Discount card? I’m intrigued. It turns out it costs $10 dollars and saves me 10 percent on anything in the store. “Wonderful,” I think. “I buy books fairly often and this one isn’t too far off my standard path. I don’t know why I don’t come here more often anyways.” So I pay up get my discount card and a book of (money-saving) coupons.

It’s only once I’m out in the parking lot that my mind starts doing the math. I’m going to have to spend $100 at this book store in the next year to break even on this discount card. That’s much more than I’d usually spend at this specific store. So either they got my money by selling me a discount card or they hooked me as a customer for the next year. Either way, they win.

So what’s your silly little weakness?

Girly stuff.

Occasionally, I’ll purchase items I usually associate with high(er)-maintenance females. Makeup, nail polish, loofah sponge things, smelly stuff, bath salts, etc.

I arrive home, unload my goods, and come to the realization that I’m not a girly-girl. The stuff usually ends up in a drawer until somebody else claims it. If nobody does, it lives rent-free for a year before winding up in the trash.

As far as bookstore discount cards go… Our local B&N lets us use the card in their coffee shop. Between all the java addicts in my house, the card pays for itself time and time again.

Hair products. In my shower are approximately 42 different kinds of shampoo, conditioners, combination shampoo/conditioners, Goo-Gone, and deep conditioners. On my bathroom counter and in the closet are loads of straighening lotions, curling mousses, volumizing gels and mousses, and various creams and solutions. Under the sink live 3 kinds of hair dryers, 3 sizes of curling irons, a flat-iron, diffusers, and curlers. I’m obsessed.