I just got off the phone with Rose Marie!

She’s a friend-of-a-friend, and I’m trying to hook her up with my publisher for her memoirs, which she just finished.

Totally cool, talking to her—Sally Rogers was my role model as a kid (little did I know I would grow up to BE her!), and I’ve seen “Baby Rose Marie” in film clips from the early 1930s, when she sang like a mini-Sophie Tucker.

Hope this works out—it’s always fun to do favors for people you admire!

Hey, if you hook her up, maybe she’ll let you do a blurb on the back of her dust jacket. snicker You know what I mean.

I, too, looked up to RM - career and all! Did my little feminist heart good, I tell ya!

Cool! I liked when she guest starred on The Monkees. She was the leader of a gang, and sang “Everybody Loves My Baby” and “Hi, Neighbor”. It was a pretty funny episode.

I, too, am in awe. She’s great!

Can’t say that I really know who she is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a whole esisode of the Dick Van Dyke show.

But it is always great to meet a personal hero/role model/whatever.

Suggested title for memoirs: “How a 6-year-old ‘Child Wonder’ Survives That Title”

or maybe “Eve is a FOAF”

She was great on “Match Game”. Do you think if I asked her nicely she could get me Gene Rayburns [sup]BLANK[/sup]?

OK, for us “nyekulturny” idiots, a link to her story please, so we can share in Eve’s enthusiasm?

And let’s not forget her work on Hollywood Squares. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not the real HS without Rose Marie, Paul Lynde, Wally Cox, Charlie Weaver, and Peter Marshall.

OK, here’s a Rose Marie link for you Not In the Know:


Sally Rogers was a great role model for us gals in the early 1960s: a single, funny career gal who knew damn well she’d never get married because men were afraid of her. Always hoped I’d grow up to be Laura Petrie—maybe even Millie Helper—but am rather glad I grew up to be Sally, instead.

Oh, wow! That’s exciting! I loved the DVD Show and I loved Sally (and Buddy). I also thought she was really funny in her guest spot on the Monkees. I can’t remember what show it was, but not too many years ago, she did a guest spot on another show, too. She played half of a married-way-many-years couple and it was really sweet. I will definitely read her memoirs when they come out…let us know something when you do, okay?

O.K.: confession time. I’ll admit I had eyes only for Laura. What a BABE! Sally was, admittedly, a bit plainer (alright, alright! a lot plainer), less bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and much more down to Earth. Role model? Yeah, I can see that.

But Millie Helper?!?!
Oh Eve, Eve, Eve!

Okay, I’m reeeeally testing my memory here, but I believe she did a guest spot on “Caroline in the City.” She sold (or gave) Caroline the desk her husband owned (or used to own; can’t remember if the old gentlemen had passed away in the episode).

I could be completely wrong, but that’s what popped into my head.

It was “Caroline in the City”—and Rose Marie’s husband was played by, of course, Morey Amsterdam.

Someone else already threw this out so I don’t feel like too much of a hijacker, but Laura Petrie was definitley a looker. Those tight little pedal pushers and the sleeveless blouse with the peter pan collar - hubba hubba. You just know that when she and Rob got behind closed doors they pushed those twin beds together and got right down to business.

Good for you, Eve, in helping out a friend (of a friend). As Barney says, “Its nice to be important, but its more important to be nice.” I can’t wait 'til my daughter grows out of these shows.

Man, if you didn’t realize hot incredibly H-O-T HOT SR was, you need to have your head examined. LP was fine to look at, but was an archtypical uptight vacuous suburban housefrau in the finest Barbara Billingsley mold. Need I say more than twin beds? (And that nasty little “Rosebud” should have been fed to wolves!)

Now SR - she was a party animal. Living large and unfettered in the city of bright lights. And anyone who wishes to diss her figure should watch the shows again. You can believe she had no use for twin beds!

Too cool, Eve. Hope it works out for her. Let us know when her memoirs are out. And let her know how many fans she has.

Mind sharing a bit of your conversation with her? If you’d rather not, it’s cool too:).

I’m going to have disagree with you, Dinsdale. Laura may have looked sweet and innocent, but that was just a front. You know, deep in your heart, that after Richie went to bed she and Rob had the whole New Rochelle gang over and had a swinging time. No one can actually be as sweet and innocent as she appeared; however, I suspect that June Cleaver actually would have slept in her pearls. “Not now, Ward, I have a headache.” You can also feel free to insert your favorite joke about her saying, “Being a little hard on the beaver, aren’t you Ward?”

Omni—It was actually pretty dull, as conversations go. Just about the problems of getting memoirs published. I did mention I had seen her in “International House” (1932) and “Top Banana” (1954), as I figure she’s sick of people only remembering her from the “DVD” show. Her voice is more gravelly, but she sounds pretty much the same.

Yeah, I always thought the Petries had one of the better TV-couple sex lives. You know the Ricardos really went at it, too . . . Most TV couples I cannot picture having sex. The Drysdales? The Kravitzes? Even Lisa and Oliver Douglas is unfathomable.

Eve, I consider it a real feather in your cap for you to have spoken with THE Rose Marie. I have always considered her one of the funniest women of the century, and believe she is extremely talented in other respects as well.

And yeah, she was my heroine/role model, as well. She had more brass and intelligence than any of the men she played alongside, without losing any femininity. I always thought The DVD Show would have never been the hit it was without her. Any time I literally laughed out loud, it was because of something Sally said, and the way she said it.

Congrats! I’d be crowing about this, too! :slight_smile: