I just had an AWESOME BJ!(TMC*)

Oh man. I’m still floating blissfully. It was soft, and sweet. Sticky. Gooey. Utterly satisfying. Positively orgasmic. And I got it at a substantial discount. Four for $10.00…

Here’s a picture:


*Too Many Calories

Hurr, intentional double entendre. You wit.

I hate ice cream. Seriously. No one ever believes me when I say that but, yes, it’s true. Some people just don’t like the stuff, and I’m one of them. Most ice cream tastes like fat and I can almost feel myself gaining ten pounds just after one bite. Ick.

For me, when it comes to frozen confectionary treats, it’s all about the water ice. I could eat the toxic artificial, cherry stuff all day.

Oakie’s Law of Maximum Thread Visibility: Always include a sexual reference in the title.

Wow, you can get ice cream on Amazon? What’s next, tanks?


I don’t know, but you’re welcome.

It’s a good way to get your thread closed, too. Just file that under Future Reference. I’m not giving you a formal warning, but I am letting you know that we mods don’t like that sort of misleading thread title.

For the Straight Dope

I’m salivating just looking at the link. The Karamel Sutra’s even better!

Oddly enough, I just came back from BJ today. Beijing that is…

Aw, gift-wrapping is not available for this item. Phooey.

How do they deliver this?

By spoon. :wink:

Via the Hershey Highway.

That’s a shame, because double-entendres are the sort of thing I imagine many Dopers would be inclined to appreciate.

By way of explanation, I don’t think the thread title actually misrepresents the thread content. It is somewhat ambiguous, and readers may well assume this is another blow job thread, but there is fair warning in the title with the use of (TMC*) instead of the expected (TMI) and I am known for a bit of irreverant humor around here. Ben & Jerry’s is sometimes called a “BJ” in some circles.

That said, your post indicates that you know there was no malicious intent involved, and I’ll try to avoid excessive wordplay in my titles in the future.

Rubbish, the thread title was clearly about Ben and Jerrys.

So The OP likes to pack in the chocolate fudge now and then.

Really. How many threads have we had entitled “Wet Pussy!” that turned out to be adventures of giving the cat a bath?

Seriously though, why would you order ice cream from Amazon-unless it’s the regular quart sized cartons that are hard to find? Or can’t you get B&J in your area?
I’m all about the Brownie Batter myself. I’m also dying to try Dublin Mudslide and Marsha Marsha Marshmallow.

I was kinda wondering that myself. I bought mine at the local grocery last night. Somehow, the notion of having ice cream delivered by mail or parcel to my home in the Deep South, in a fairly hot June, knowing that I’m at work all day while the chocolatey goodness sits on the porch seems contra-indicated. They probably ship it in dry ice, like some of the mail order steak places do…

Look, there’s even a couple of nuts in there too! /Peter Griffin

Yeah… it’s to the point where if I come across a particularly exciting-sounding thread title, I just assume it’s going to be something much, much less interesting. Same with those “Follow the Finger” and “6-6-06” marketing gimmicks.