I just lost a tooth (not sure if I need answer fast)

I’ve had a back molar that’s been loose for a while. It seemed looser this past weekend, and I resolved to call my dentist on Monday (tomorrow). Then, just a few minutes ago, the tooth just fell out.

While I am thankful that it fell out while I was awake, and not a potential choking hazard if it fell out while I was asleep, I am unsure what to do. The socket does not seem to be bleeding–I don’t taste any blood, and my saliva is as clear as always–so I don’t think I need emergency dentistry (and it is almost midnight here anyway).

But do I? I will definitely call my dentist tomorrow, and see if he can fit me in the same day, so I should be seen within the next 24 hours. For now, though, can I eat anything? Can I have my morning coffee and toast tomorrow?

IANAD, but I would advise to wrap it in a moist cloth and call the dentist first thing in the morning. They might be able to save it. Eating and drinking in the meantime is probably fine, but use the other side of your mouth!

Are you in pain? How scary.
Put the tooth in milk. Go in early to see someone.

Unexpected tooth loss is grounds for a visit to your dentist, sooner rather than later. I expect I will not be contracted.

I’m fine, Beck. I’m in no pain, but I thank you for caring. Tim, it may be a little late for that, as the tooth has been lying on a napkin on the kitchen counter for the last hour or so.

At any rate, if I recall correctly, this was a tooth that my dentist said needed to be removed someday for various reasons. I guess “someday” came sooner rather than later. I am sure that my dentist will say that it’s the easiest extraction he’s never done. :wink:

And charge double.
Happy you’re not it pain, tho’

Glad to hear there’s no pain. And I have some potentially-unwelcome info, based upon a similar personal experience.

When you say your molar “fell out,” does that mean that (all of) the roots are still intact on the tooth? If not, then your future molar extraction is now probably a future oral surgery. (Been there; not much fun.)

IANADentist, nor an oral surgeon, but I’ve had crappy teeth all my life.

Thanks, and I remain fine so far. The tooth is intact–at least as intact as Gray’s Anatomy shows me the shape of the tooth is. (Thank you, ex-wife, for leaving your copy of Gray’s when you left.) I’ll take the tooth to the dentist on Monday though, and if he determines that there are bits left at the root, then I guess dental surgery is in order.

I’ve undergone dental surgery before, and it is no fun, I agree. Still, thanks for your comments, and the heads-up as to surgery.

I’m curious how this plays out Spoons. About 3 or 4 years ago I had one pulled. I was quite nervous, but it’s amazing what anaesthetics can do nowadays.

I had to have a second molar extracted and it wasn’t bad. A little bit managed to remain and was easily taken out later. You are lucky.

Aren’t you supposed to put it under your pillow for the Tooth Fairy?

Update: I visited the dentist, and I’m fine.

Apparently, I’ve suffered some bone loss in my jaw. Consequently, the tooth was no longer anchored in the bone, and was only being held in place by my gums. The dentist looked at the tooth, and said that it looked whole–it was likely that none of it was left in my jaw. An x-ray confirmed that no part of the tooth had been left behind.

The dentist also said that I’m fine to eat anything I like. I’m looking forward to eating something tonight–I haven’t eaten all day, due to not knowing whether I could or should.

Once again, I’m relieved to hear that I’m fine. Thanks for your concern, folks!

Great outcome!

Oh, good. I was worried. Good outcome.

Will you need a denture (if that’s what a single fake tooth is called?

I had severe pain in my outermost molar about a year ago. Dentist recommended a root canal and a crown–both of which were necessary if the tooth was to be saved. But I wondered if I wouldn’t have been okay just having the truth extracted. I especially wondered this when the bills arrived.

I’ve lost a few teeth over the years (always at a dentist’s hand, and because the teeth needed extraction), and given my loss of teeth, I brought up the subject of dentures in my dental visit today. The dentist said that we could explore that route, though he’d like to make a full exam and cleaning, so he knows for sure what might work, given the teeth I have left. Today’s appointment was an emergency one, where he could squeeze me in; I’ll make a proper appointment soon for the exam, and another for the cleaning.

Generally if you lost one molar, you’d get a bridge, not a denture. They’d grind down each of the molars on either side of the missing tooth, to stumps and then fit permanently 3 ceramic or other material fake teeth on top of the two stumps so that it would appear as three normal teeth.

If you are experience bone loss and losing other teeth, then you have more complex dental problems.

Was the dentist concerned about the bone loss? Glad you’re OK, for now anyway.

My dad, who is now 86, had a 12-year molar pulled a few years ago (IIRC, it was splitting) and the dentist said there was no need to do any prosthetic work. He did lose a front tooth and has some kind of replacement for that (not an implant, and I don’t think it’s a bridge either).

I’m sorry to hear about the bone loss, and that they couldn’t save the tooth. If it were me, I’d follow up on the bone loss and see what might be done to help strengthen what you’ve got left.

Thanks for the follow up. I hate it when people post about something in flux, then don’t finish the story.