I just received my Wackel Elvis!! Woohoo!

I bought this little baby back when I was working at Audi, a few days after the advert was shown on TV. The idea was that I’d stick it in the car I would be buying about a year later.

Soon after, after applying for an extension on my work permit, I came back to India for a holiday, before I started on my new job in Munich. I left behind much of my stuff (stereo, books, wackel elvis, etc.), because I was pretty sure I’d get the extension… as luck would have it, it was denied!

So I stayed on, with my stuff still in Germany. Much of it, I gave away to various friends, with only my Elvis still sitting inside a bag with some cds.

Yesterday, my mom came back from a holiday in Europe. She brought the Wackel Elvis back with her.

Now all I need to do is buy a car, and I’m set :smiley:


What is a Wackel Elvis?

A Wackel-Elvis.