I just spend 7 minutes on one search

between timeouts and 2 minute limits. Way to go. I know everyone complains about it, but that’s what the pit is for. :mad:

Do you realize that by doing all that searching you’ve contributed to the Timeouts?

That’s right Lobsang, blame the victim.

Next you’ll be saying zeno had it coming.

Seriously! Where does that asshole get off using the search function he paid for! He should be happy there is a perfectly useless little button up there, for it is shiny and brightens our days like the sun!

I do a search and it times out. OK I’ve some to expect that on this board. But it shouldn’t count as a search if the engine fails. I know, sucks to be me right?

What? Was I chastizing him?
No I was asking if he realized that searches contribute to timeouts.
edit: I paid for my car… does that mean I get to hog both lanes of the road?

Not to join in the bitching, but I had a situation in the last couple of days where I needed search very badly and it failed by giving me inconsistent results and saying there were no matches.

No threads with Iraq in the title older than a year? I beg to differ.

Well Zeno does have a rep for halfway completing a task, then halfway completing the remaining half of the task…
-Takes him forever to get anything done.

Every time you do a search, God kills a hamster.

No, but you certainly should get to use the road as was promised to you, within the parameters to which both parties (I guess in the case of the road, that’d be you and the government) agree to, yes?

OK ok.

Except it must be impossible for you to do any search. Suppose you are halfway towards finding a successful match for your search string. It will take a finite amount of time to cover the remaining half of possible matches. At halfway through that search you still have a finite amount of time remaining.

You should never be able to complete a search, and you’re dragging us all down with you.

Aww, don’t give him such a hard time; he doesn’t deserve it. He always struck me as the sort of poster that would meet you halfway.

I do a search every two minutes around the clock and never have a problem.


Some people would call that just getting old.

In case you’re still searching, they’re on top of your head…

Thats spent, unless you burning my dog. In which case, all your base…

You get the idea.

The One Big Problem with this board is that there are a number of members that are not only as smart (if not smarter, which is the safer bet) than you, but that are quicker to make the joke you wanted to make.

No, but you should be able to turn the radio on without straining the engine to the point where it dies.