I just watched the Global Frequency pilot!

WHAT. THE. HELL. were they thinking in not making this into a regular series or even giving it a chance to air once?

Miranda Zero rocked and Aleph was cute it and the special effects were great and the direction was tight and it all comes from the first issue of GLOBAL FREQUENCY and I’m annoyed, disheartened, miffed and disbelieving it’s not a regular show.

Grrr, I say.

That is all.

…where did you see it…

I second that question.

Given what I know of the pilot’s distribution, I don’t believe that’a a question Askia can answer given the SDMB’s Terms of Service.

I’m glad it was good. It’s really too bad the show didn’t get picked up – the idea behind Global Frequency is genius. (The comic was quite good, mostly, with the exception of Ellis on the soapbox about how superhero comics suck issue.)