I Keep Digging My Own Grave! (Younger Woman Blues)

Hey Y’all

I’m 53 and I have a 39 year old beauty on my tail. She happens to be the night-time respiratory therapy supervisor at a hospital where I work whenever I can (apparently, I have no life:D).

Well, she’s very pretty and I get lost in her eyes every time she looks or speaks to me. She makes it a point to touch me whenever she speaks, and she schedules me to work at her hospital as much as I can whenever I’m off at my other hospital.

She doesn’t know that much about me, but people tell me that I do not look or act my age. At some point, however, I will, and I would not want to mis-lead this beautiful young woman in any way.

Sorry to have put things so bluntly above, and I am flattered, but I mean DAMN!, that’s a 14 year difference!

Somebody hand me my walker, goddamit! :smiley:


Big frickin’ deal, Quasi. I’m 37 and if I were single, there’s a 50-ish guy here I’d go after big time. If ya wanna go for it, go for it. It’s not like she’s 16 to your 30. I’d be up front about my age if I were you, but otherwise, I think that’s not such an insurmountable age difference.

somewhere i read (and i think it was in one of these boards) that you should not date someone who is younger than half your age + 7 years, so you’re in the clear

Tell her the truth and go for it!

My boss is 60 and his very attractive wife is 45. They have been together since 1980, married since 1984, and have an 8yr. old son. (He has grandkids older than his son)

What TroubleAgain said. Your romantic interest is not a kid by any means, and you’re not even close to being a geriatric ol’ wheeze. She obviously wants to go out with you; the only way it could be more blatant is if she hired a sky writer.

Age ain’t nothin’ but a number, baby.

BFD. My fiancee is 19 years younger than I am. Tell her your age, then kiss her. Go for the gusto!

My grandparents…(This story is not a commentary on your age) My Granddad was my Grandmother’s senior by 12 years. AND he outlived her! Best marriage I ever saw.

What the hell is your problem? Get down on it!! With a smile, ya wussy!:wink:

13 years isn’t that big of a deal. I’m 38 and my wife’s 25. We’re both Gen X’ers at the extreme opposite ends of the spectrum, so it works out OK, 'cept my taste in music’s better than hers. I’m punk, she’s hair metal. Blech. I’m slowly brainwashing her though. She digs stuff like Fang and The Cramps now and laughs at Skid Row and Bon .Jovi :slight_smile:


14 years’ difference isn’t that big a deal at your sparklingly young age, chum.

Ah, go for it! 14 years - let’s see, I could hook up a 25 year-old…

Wait. I’m married!

Quasimodem - you’re only as old as you feel, and if you’re not feeling anything Viagra is your friend. I’m 39, and you better consider that she’s in her prime. You DO have a good health plan in case it all works out - and you throw your back out, right? :cool:

You’re gonna got for it, but you want to be up-front about those 14 years, right?

Find an excuse to remember what you were doing when you heard JFK had been assassinated; that’s a perfect cut off point between your ages.

Nope, wrong, that happened before she was born.

I know; the first moon landing. It happened in her life time, so you won’t sound too old for remembering it.

[Not to be the voice of reason (and believe me, I am not well suited to the task), has she had kids yet? If not, does she want to? If she does, do you?]

The age difference itself isn’t a big deal, period. What could be a big deal is what’s indicated by the age difference: People don’t just become “adults” at age 21 and then stop changing. People continue to grow and change and have different wants and needs throughout their life (and at different rates), and if you’re at different stages in your life, that’s what could potentially be troublesome.

All of this is just speculation, though; as a friend of mine (OK, it was my shrink) told me, “Instead of trying to figure out what she meant by that, just ask her what she meant by that.”

Take her out to dinner and bring it up. “This is kind of awkward, but there’s something I want to ask you about. I’m 53, and I think you’re considerably younger than that, and I’d like to figure out what kind of effect, if any, that’s going to have if we start dating.”

By being hoenst and up front about it, you ensure that even if it doesn’t work out, you can stay friends and she can set you up with her mom later. :smiley:

{Crude and thoughtless}

Dude, she’s a respiratory therapy supervisor! Okay, you’re old, but at least if it goes all pear shaped she’ll have some idea what to do to keep you oxygenated until the EMTs show up! Go for it!

{/Crude and thoughtless}

Seriously, though, a 39 year old woman is probably in a pretty good position to know what she’s looking for, and if you think you might be capable of misleading her you need to get a pin and pop your ego. She knows more about you than you do.

Grab that walker with both hands and stump on up and ask her out.

{Crude and thoughtless}

What the hell, even if it doesn’t work out, how long is an old geezer like you going to remember that it didn’t?

{/Crude and thoughtless}

Hey, there’s nothing in the numbers that mean a thing.

You’re both adults, if she’s hired you, she’s probably seen an application or a CV at some point, and you’re only as old as you act. I’m 12 today.

Seriously, my semi-insignificant other is 10 years older that me. When we first got together, everybody was all over the age difference. My husband died young, and they thought I was setting myself up for widowhood again. Fooled THEM. I have the terminal cancer diagnosis, he has to take care of ME!

As long as you remember where all the parts are and how they work, you’ll be fine. Go for it.

What they said. :smiley:


Thanks to 2trew and the rest of y’all for those very insightful words! I’m goin’ for it!

BTW: She has no kids. Both of us are divorced and I have 2 grandkids. Can this be it for me? Please?



Well, Quas, if I can’t have you, she sounds like the next best thing.

good luck!

Quasi said She happens to be the night-time respiratory therapy supervisor at a hospital where I work…

Dude, there’s a good chance she has access to your file, and knows more about you than you think, including your age.