I keep getting AfD ads

Like, half of the ads I get served are political ads for the far right German party, “Alternative für Deutschland”. Figured this was worth mentioning. This is substantially worse than those intel ads that cover half the screeen.

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll send your note to the mod loop.

I’ll refer this to our ad guy. This is … different. Lemme see what I can find out here.

Where are you located geographically? (General vicinity is fine.)

Can you get us a screen grab please?

your humble TubaDiva

I’m in Germany. Usually Munich, Berlin right now. I’m guessing they’ll stop after the election today. If they don’t I’ll let you know.

That happens to me all the time. I mean, when I travel.

In fact, ads vary depending on where I am in the city as well.

I have also noticed that small new parties have a more aggressive advertising strategy than consecrated ones.

AfD are a legitimate political party with seats in the German Federal government, European parliament, and some local governments in Germany. I’d be surprised if any advertising provider that allows political ads would ban them.

They’re fucking neo-nazis, dude.

If so, it’s up to the German government to ban them. Until then, they should be treated as a political party. I don’t know about Germany for certain, but in some countries advertising agencies can’t discriminate among political advertising.

Whether that’s the case, if Google Ads or whoever have accepted the ad, a complaint from a minor message board is unlikely to affect that - so what are you trying to acheive here, apart from virtue signalling?

all im getting is ads for cognivex clarity with the head line :
"Trump Battles the FDA Over Carson’s Breakthrough Discovery! Says “This WILL NOT Be Banned, The American People Have a Right To Have Access To This "
some memory pill based woo………

also see if theres a little x somewhere on the ad if its google based …….if you click can tell them you don’t like the ad because its offensive to you ……

There are two kinds of ads. Those embedded in the page (on its top, at the bottom and between posts) and pop-up ones that occupy an entire new page. One laptop of mine has some kind of anti-virus program that blocks any pop-ups. The other is more permissive, but when I browse with Opera half (or more than half) of the pop-ups get blocked too and I’m informed on it. The ads I get to see in general are not annoying, except when elections come.

I gotta say, man. You’re in Germany. They’re about the #3 political party in the country right now. Regardless of what you think of them - and I don’t disagree, they’re whack - seeing ads for them should in no way be surprising during an election cycle. Disagreeing with them doesn’t give you the right to be free of seeing their ads.

The ad department was puzzled when I asked the question. It’s a pretty sure bet AfD is NOT a Chicago Sun-Times advertising client.

I’m sorry you had to see that stuff but I believe you were served that ad purely because of where you are + current events. I’m surprised we don’t get more of this here in the USofA, I’m sure the day after our midterm elections (that would be November 7, 2018 for those of you keeping score at home), the 2020 National Election cycle will officially begin and we will ALL start seeing objectionable ads. So fasten your seatbelts and assume the position, boys and girls; we’re in for a bumpy ride.

While the Chicago Sun-Times has been billed as “The Workingman’s Newspaper” since the Mike Royko days and is in competition (and sometimes opposition) to the more conservative Chicago Tribune, I would imagine in the days to come you will see lots of political points of view on display, including ones that may make your head asplode. It is not our corporate bosses messing with your head. It is the times in which we live, and in a lot of ways they suck scissors. We can only ask you to bear up under this with patience until our long national nightmare is over.

Between buying a subscription and the judicious use of ad blockers, we might live through this.

For any of you who are wondering what all the fuss is about with AfD, here is all you need know about them guys:

Jenny your humble TubaDiva Administrator

Tuba, just so you know, “suck scissors” is a phrase I will endeavour to use frequently going forward! :smiley:

I shouldn’t have to say this to people not on the alt-right: Being against bigotry is not merely disagreement.

You are deliberately downplaying the fact that this site was accepting money from neo-Nazis to advertise their political party.

We have every right to expect that any website we are a part of will not accept money from Nazis. If any site I frequent was made aware of this and didn’t act to fix it, that site would not only not get my business, but I’d be spreading the news all over social media.

It is not okay to accept money from Nazis. Full stop.

If a German political party were actually Nazis, they would not be allowed to exist, let alone advertise. Germany has strong censorship laws about that sort of thing.

Yes, the party’s views are obnoxious. So what? They’re hardly the only obnoxious ads on this site, and the powers that be here don’t get to pick and choose the ads for the most part.

Oh, by the way, do you ever receive any money or services from the governemnt? That was paid for by taxes, some of which was paid by neo-nazis. You’ve been taking money from them, at exactly the same remove as the SDMB. That’s how the world works.

Setting aside this board’s policy regarding such ads, the above has to be the most overreaching analogy I have seen in a very long time.