I knew I could make it happen

Rumor has it that My Precious Wonderful Thing that I’ve had on order for almost 2 months but was on backorder was finally shipping this week. I keep reading stories of other people who also ordered My Precious Wonderful Thing getting shipping notices this week.

So I did the logical thing. I opened up the Amazon website, found my order, and hit “update status” 5000 times an hour every hour all day today.

I’m happy to report this strategy has worked. I just got my shipping notice! Happy day! Callooh callay!

By all means, feel free to try this tactic yourself. It obviously got my needs through to the Powers that Be at Amazon.

O frabjous joy!

Congratulations on your Most Precious Wonderful Thing-receivingness.


I share in your joy, but am highly curious about what the Wonderful Thing might be.

iPad? iPhone? New computer? Electric teakettle? Grand piano? Barbie Dreamhouse? Bobcat? Pez??

It’s Pez, isn’t it.


I am really glad it is shipping, though. :smiley:

(Snorkel? 12-sided die? Cashmere socks? IS IT CASHMERE SOCKS??)

Funny, my husband’s iPad that he ordered right after release shipped today, too.

<singsong>I think I know what it is, I think I know what it is!<\singsong>

Neener, MsWhatsit. (But apropos, given your name).
Psst…I think it’s the huge molecular gastronomy/cooking compendium book that Athena ordered from Amazon as soon as it was announced.

My Precious Wonderful Thing

My Precious Wonderful Thing ???

This “Thing” doesn’t blow up to full size does it?

I knew it would be something to do with cooking. You’re a woman after my own heart. Do enjoy it, and let us know how it is.

That looks awesome. Congratulations!

Nailed it!

Oh. And congrats - looks cool.

Weirdo :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh shush. I already told you I’d forward on the good recipes. :slight_smile:

If it ships via UPS, be sure to update the tracking page every 15 seconds that way the UPS trolls will know that you are in a bigger hurry then everyone else and will specially rush the package to your door.

ETA, if it ships via USPS, then don’t bother, their tracking page is stoopit.

Hey, it worked last year with a ring I ordered from QVC (MY PRECIOUSSSSSSSS!)

Brilliant! I’m sure it’ll work!

It came! It’s here! Oh frabjous day!

If anyone needs to know how to calculate the speed of light using a microwave and Velveeta, I’m yer girl.

I knew it too!

Interesting factoid: lasagna may be British. At least, the earliest known reference to it is a British cookbook from 1390.

Take that, all you haters of English food!

Yeah, but they used ketchup and cheddar cheese…

and kidneys.