I KNOW The Thread Is Closed.....

… but I would be remiss if I did not thank a “far-away” friend for her gift, which just arrived in the mail.

She wishes to remain anonymous, so let me just say a heartfelt “thank you” to her here and offer her one of my favorite Stones songs in honor of her gift to me and D:


Thank you, “Far-Away Friend”!:slight_smile:


Bill and Dondra

Well as long as we’re here.

Quasi, you are the only person that I ever sent money to via paypal. When I hadn’t received a response from you I wasn’t insulted because knew that you were under pressure at the time and were trying to handle a large number of correspondences.

My only concern is that my paypal attempt misfired and you didn’t get the cash.

I know that it left my account so it went somewhere but I had no proof that it went to you.

If you got the transaction please let me know.

Best to you,


It didn’t misfire and I apologize for not having thanked you, yet, BubbaDog.

There are a LOT of people who have remained "un-thanked’ and that is my fault.

Right now, I have a hand-written list, a “saved e-mail” list, a lot of envelopes with names and amounts, and I am STILL trying to get to all of them, inbetween this crazy life of trying to just “maintain”.

I apologize!

I apologize to everyone.