I Laughed So Hard....

…I spewed Diet Coke all over my monitor. …I snorted Diet Coke out my nose.

I read something to this effect several times a day. What’s the deal?

I just imagine everyone on this board sitting in front of their computers with one hand on the mouse and the other holding a drink constantly at their mouths, waiting to be entertained enough to cause them to lose control.

I was just wondering if people are just exaggerating (sp?) to try and show how funny they thought something was or if people across the world are really ruining perfectly good keyboards due to the Teeming Million’s excellent wit. (I know when someone writes ROTFLMAO they are not really on the floor)

“Now, Bart, you don’t want to drink beer. That’s for daddies and kids with fake IDs.”

I can’t believe this ever happens. Nobody drinks diet coke.

The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

Sorry, meant to put this in About This Message Board.

I usually spit coffee. Or regular Coke.

As for whether or not I actually do spit stuff, I’ve got two words: Guy Stuff.

I usually shoot the Jack Daniels all over my laptop and steering wheel.

Magnificent to behold - Greatly to be praised.

I don’t surf and drink. :wink:

I put my drink down, anyway.

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Well, if you were referring to me, I have to confess that I quite literally spit Diet Coke out all over my shirt earlier. Thank you for asking.

I would never intentionally take a drink before I read something funny, but in this instance, I wasn’t expecting anything funny and imprudently took a sip and paid the price.

And what would I drink if not Diet Coke? Diet Pepsi? ::shudder::

I don’t drink Diet Coke either, but I have indeed spit diet Dr Pepper all over my monitor.

Weave a circle round him thrice,
And close your eyes with holy dread,
For he on honey-dew hath fed,
And drunk the milk of Paradise.–Coleridge

Stevie Rave On,
you should get out more!

It’s all in the timing. Start a story, wait till they’ve taken a swig of a fizzy drink, then tell the punchline. Three options:

  • they spray the drink everywhere
  • they start to choke (pat their back)
  • it comes out their nose (this is really good!)

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Yes, I really have spit something out of my mouth when caught off guard. But usually, it hits my lap and not the keyboard! There have been some threads out here that made it difficult for me to type because I’m laughing so damn hard!


I admit that I can only think of one occasion where I actually literally sprayed the keyboard and the screen with what I was drinking at that moment. For that I can thank George (HpsterDufuz). Don’t even remember what it was he said, but it was pretty damn funny. However, earlier when I responded to Shirley Ujest with a ROFLMAO, I was laughing pretty hard. She was lucky I wasn’t drinking anything at that moment. I just added the response “you owe me a new keyboard” for added emphasis. I have to add that some of the biggest laughs I get lately are from things that I’ve read off of this board.

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I’m not much of an out-loud laugher, and very very very rarely get surprised by a joke so much that I would spit drink (Today: Dr Pepper). So I have a dry keyboard. (Shame really, it needs a wipe down for certain. Icky goo)

But I did think that when .etc replied to ChrisCTP’s thread, it was the closest I’ve come so far on these boards to the phenomenon known as “I laughed so hard…”

And I also wish it was one of my jokes that others leaked fluids over - but thus far, not a sausage.

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Public Health Warning:

Do NOT laugh until Mountain Dew comes out of your nose.

And now, for my next trick, I will talk in spooky half-references.

Heh, Shadow…don’t you know that I work covertly for the Keyboard Workers of America? I’m just trying to keep them in business by jamming up peoples keyboards with sticky soda fountains.
I have never truly spewed a drink on my computer, but I did once spit out broccoli and it stuck to my screen.

Well, since you asked, there was only 1 actual spraying incident. But somehow it lingered in mind (and keyboard) and became, I dunno, a benchmark.
And, yeah, it was Diet Pepsi. Cut me some slack; I was just deeply grateful it wasn’t grape soda.

Sheesh, and those computer nerds get so snitty over minor, picky little problems. So Sharper Image makes shower radios. Why not laughter-proof keyboards? Huh? Huh?


My one an only spew occurred when I read NeuroGrrl’s survey answers. By the time I got to:


I was giggling like an idiot. But when I saw:


I lost it completely. Mountain Dew in the sinuses.

While reading the “Dick Haiku” thread I really did ROTFLMAO.

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Oh, yeah, my post made alot of sense.

What I meant was, by the time I got to:


I was giggling madly, but when I saw:


THAT’s when I lost it.

I’ve made two people (well, 2 people have told me, there may be more :)) spray their 'puters with liquid. One person was drinking wine, the other had a coke. But that was months ago. Maybe I’ve lost my touch? hmmmmm…

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Did I get anyone with that? Come on, its gold! GOLDEN I SAY!

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Once I came home from work, took a glass half full, of what I thought was Diet Pepsi, out of the fridge, and poured some “more” Diet Pepsi in it. This must be a bad batch, I thought, then realized that the glass had initially contained grape juice. Ugh.

Please, spare me the anti-Diet Pepsi remarks. To me, Diet Coke is battery acid. Also, if you do like DP, do not drink it while eating pancakes or waffles with real Vermont maple syrup. I devoutly wish I hadn’t.

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