I like bananas a bunch

You can visit the sites of Germany’s Industrial Revolution, but it’s smelly – it’s an ol’ factory tour.

That’s why you need to stop and get some Cologne.

My friend was quite distraught and incoherent after losing his job at the cologne factory. I don’t know how to reply – he just isn’t making scents anymore.

I saw him interviewed on TV. I think it was Chanel No. 5 that broadcast it.

Yul Brynner was a lifelong Liverpool football fan who didn’t wear aftershave. Yul never wore cologne.

[not in play: took me a minute to get that one, but worth the effort]

I do believe that he was a fan of Christmas desserts though - especially the Yul log.

I heard that one Christmas, he ate a magnificent seven of them.

I bet the next year he did it once more with feeling.

Even though it was Siam when Yul was the king, he was fond of those old-school Thais.

When asked whether he’s an actor who’s played a king, Yul replied, “Yeah, Siam.”

Two Siamese twins got into a fight the other day. It was really hard to separate them.

Yeah, I could get surgery to remove my conjoined twin, but I’ve grown rather attached to them.

Siamese cats are a great choice for a cat lover on a budget. You get two for the price of one.

Some cats are always happy and content. The Purrsian, for example.

An old girlfriend once asked if I was a cat guy or a dog guy. I said it depended how it was prepared.

My girlfriend thought it would be funny to replace my medicated shampoo with regular shampoo. I tried to understand why it was funny, but the joke just left me scratching my head.

I bought coconut shampoo today, but when I got home I realized I don’t even have a coconut.

What’s the meaning of lice? That’s a real head-scratcher.

I heard that Rob Van Winkle bought new shampoo because he had lice, lice baby.