I like handy

well not in that way but as a poster.

This is just a vote of confidence in response to the pit thread a few weeks back in which our boy handy took a lot of flack about his rather unique posting style.

Maybe this would be better served in IMHO if so fine. Maybe no one much gives a shit. That’s ok too.

I just felt I needed to say it.

Yeah, newbies should be given some leeway before being flamed.

Am I the only person who hears Bow Wow Wow singing “I Want Handy”?

Dammit JeffB!

Now I’ve got that stuck in my head!

I was thinking more of James Taylor singing “handy man”:

"I’m busy 24 hours a day,
I say a lot but I have nothing to say,
I post lots of stuff, baby…
I’m your handy man!

Come-a come-a come-a come-a come come,
yeahhhhhhhh ten thouuuuuuuuusand…"

I meant to add :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: to the above post!

Handy is cool, even if he doesn’t laugh at my ASL joke. Well, maybe you have to see it. American Sign Language, see it, get it?

I have no problem with handy, sometimes he even makes me laugh!

He has some interesting and unique viewpoints.

----:)/ x o x o x

you don’t suppose he’s any kin to Jack Handy do you?

I like handy too. He amuses me in an “off the cuff” type of way. :slight_smile: He’s one person I don’t think I could ever flame. Some people take this place too seriously.

I think he’s gotten more coherent since the pit thread.

Well, thank you for your compliments (They are compliments, right?). I haven’t read the Pit thing yet, Sue. I thought I would wait until the people who wrote in it were feeling down them jump on them. Just kidding.

It’s true, I do hear another drummer. Also, once one has become deaf after being hearing their world is more visual & the board doesn’t do messages in pictures. I get a lot less information, so I often post sentences missing words & bits of information most people would think should be there.

I also come from a really nutty family.

Yesterday in sign class we had to talk about our ancestors. I said my grandfolks were brotehr & sister & owned a beer brewery, got real drunk, had sex & had ten kids, 5 japanese & 5 chinese. The chinese kids were deaf. Suffice to say, everyone in the class knew it was a fake story :slight_smile:

I like handy too. He’s rough around the edges…just the ways I likes 'em. He rarely holds anything back.
Handy…I need to know…how old are you?

JN, as I like to say to the young women who ask that question ‘sorry, I don’t give lessons!’ :slight_smile: