I like this girl...

Her name is Nicole. She is hispanic (like me) her hair is curly (like me) shes funny and bright(do i have to go on?) energetic, and nice (only to me) I like her a lot. Not for her physical appearance…(ok maybe a little) but as well for her insights. She is really mean to any other guy who talks to her but me? Shes a good friend but I’m afraid of admitting my love to her. What should or can I do? Shes going ice-skating this sunday or saturday and so am i (well i sort of intended that) should I ask her that I’ll meet her there with my parents and hers and we can lay back and have fun adn skate? Or what?! Please help.

Yes, go skating with your Nicole, fauxpas. It’ll be fun for both of you, the parents will be there, you should have a wonderful time.

As to telling her you love her? Tough question. Preserve the close friendship, until something she does or says tells you she’s interested in a closer relationship, IMHO.

Go skating. Don’t tell her you love if you’ve only been dating a short while. Saying something like that takes the relationship up a step. It’s OK to just go out and do stuff and enjoy your time together, without worrying about love. Just my opinion.

Yeah dude, lay off the “love” stuff for a loooooooong time.

Yeah your right, I shouldn’t be thinking about stuff like that…so its okay to just hang out and hold hands and be “going out”?

Women especially (generally) are not impressed by neediness. “I really dig you, baby” is more likely to work than “I think I will die without you, even though we aren’t even dating yet.”

Remember that if things progress the way they have been, in six months or a years you’re gonna like her about a thousand times more than you do now. If you’ve blown “I love you” on the way you feel today, what are you gonna call that feeling to show her that your feeling have grown?

And if it doesn’t work out for her, if your feeling have grown in a few months (and it happens) and there is a new girl and oyu tell her you love her, you don’t want to have her say back “yeah, but I heard you told Nicole that after only a few days of ging out!”

yeah, you’re right…but anyways…I think all hope is lost…a tragedy has arised… she only like short white boys, which usually are seventh graders…:frowning: Well, I’m quite the opposite, I’m really tall and tan. What now? ARGH! I fell like I should just stay as a friend and then progress in a way.

Once you’re in “friend” territory, the odds of you ever going past that stage is next to nil. Give it up now, there are plenty of other fish in the sea at least as good, if not better, than her.

Thats why you have to periodically kick yourself out of the friend zone. Once a month, do something to seriously piss her off, or generally try not to be her best guy friend.

Being friends with a girl you’re into is all the heartache with none of the benefits.

hey…thats pretty smart whiteboy…so youre saying deliberately try to get her steemed up? Then go back to being friends? hmmmm…

Pay no attention to whiteboy, he`s trying to move in on your girlfriend.:wink:

You said she likes short whiteboys!

Lmao! The last 3 posts were hilarious! I hadn’t thought of that “[kicking] kick yourself out of the friend zone” concept. I’m intrigued.

Hm well sounds like you’ve got “one-itis” for this girl. And, you’re chasing her, and likewise she’s not chasing you. Forget her, and wipe the slate clean, finding other girls will be the quickest way to do this! :slight_smile:

Go approach many girls a day, talk to everone, be a playful friendly person. I’d give different advice if you were older but branch out man, get your feet wet repeatedly and then you’ll start to get a feel for this whole guy-girl thing. And down the road a wayyyyssss once you finally “get it” down, they will chase YOU…and you wont have problems like this anymore. :slight_smile:

if you’d like, i could even supply you with lines that’ll get you kicked outta the friend zone faster than an adam vinateri field goal (or him getting kicked out of Indy)

“As your best guy friend, I think I should tell you this… you’re getting a little chub”

Randomly grope her

Occasionally declare your love for her over an instant messenger program and then smash the j & k keys kjkjkjKJKJKJKJKJUSTKIDDINGLOLZz oh goD WhAt hav eye done?!

Get pissed off and moody when she goes out with another guy

Write a post pretending to help someone else while venting your own similar frustrations

Murder her with an icesickle, that way the ice will melt and they’ll be no murder weapon! its the perfect crime man

“she only like short white boys, which usually are seventh graders…”

So, how old is this girl? Her name isn’t Mary Kay is it?

Well, check her out & see what interests her, like ask her what interests she has, girls dig that.

shes…hmm…in my class!! i think shes 14 or mabey 13. Her name is Nicole. well…the thing about whiteboys was from some guy i saw hitting on her…mabey he lied!! And he said she doesnt really know me cus she thinks i told everyone that shes my cousin (our last names are freakishly the same…except for 3 letters) But thats a lie, my friend told everyone that. Hes jealous of me thats why.

I meant white boys not the user.

Well…it seems that she does like me because she asked me why I didnt go skating. And she said that she didn’t go as well…that mabey we could go this week!! We talked throughout the class…laughed and well flirted. What does this mean?

It means she like you. Quickly get somebody to give you instructions about kissing, holding hands and stuff like that.

Also, figure out some way to get your hands on enough money to pay her way into the skate place, buy her a soda, etc, etc.

Brush your teeth before you go out with her.

Good luck!