I lost money

No, literally. I lost it. I misplaced it somewhere, in my house no less; at least, I am pretty sure of it. It’s possible I miscounted at some point and just THINK that I lost money, but at this point it is driving me crazy.

I usually don’t even handle a lot of cash, but we have been having financial problems and thought it was best to just get all of our cash, divy it out to the bills that need it the most, and hoard what small amount was left. It was Sunday evening, I took the bulk of the cash for our rent and put it in an envelope so I could get a money order with it. I took $10 and stuck a sticky note on it that said “gas.” I put $100 in an envelope and wrote my husband’s name on it. He goes on a business trip next week and has to have money to pay his expenses up front. I hope it is enough, BECAUSE I F***ING LOST THE REST OF IT!!! I am so upset with myself I can’t stand it! I feel total panic.

Today is my birthday :frowning:

I freaking do that all the time, but it’s never more than, say, a ten, because I don’t tend to have cash. I hope you find it.

Well, look on the bright side - perhaps you’ve just entered an involuntary savings plan and will find it again right after your next paycheck?

Clean your house!.. lol

I always find things that I forgot I even had when I do a deep clean.

And Happy Birthday!.. I hope you find it and can have a good day. Don’t let this affect you having a good day. If it’s in your house it will show up sooner or later, should you not find it now.

Happy birthday!

Wishing you a good day, a good year and a great life!

If the money is in the house, no need to panic, it will turn up! Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. I’m sure that once I calm down I will find it. I guess I’m just so worried because we need it so much and I’m scared that I have permanently lost it or was actually stupid enough to count it wrong and am searching for money that doesn’t exist.

The birthday has actually been not too bad. :slight_smile:

This isn’t your rent money you’ve lost, is it?


No, the money for the rent, the gas, and my husband’s trip were right where I remembered putting them. The rest of the money I didn’t put in an envelope. It’s money for the phone, the electricity and food. It was late and I was sleepy, and I thought I put it on the bookshelf, but I can’t find it. I’m headed home from work soon and will likely spend the evening dismantling the house.


I had given up looking, and last night I was taking clothes into our laundry room. As I turned to leave I glanced at the vacuum cleaner and saw something… I had stuck the money into the clip that holds the hose in place!! I don’t remember putting it there at all, I must have been much more tired than I thought.


Now there’s a place I wouldn’t have thought to look - or to put money.

Yay! Glad you found it.

Yay! And happy birthday!

One reason I’m doing a top-to-bottom clean of my apartment is to find a 20-euro bill that I know is around here somewhere.