I love Spam...

Ummm, yummy Spam! What other disgusting foods do you love?

I also like hot dogs, Vienna Sausages and hog maw (one of my favorite meals of all.)
I also hope to hear from our U.K. friends with their blood puddings and Haggis.) :slight_smile:

I had a roommate in college whose favorite snack was Spam, cold, eaten straight from the can, served with piping hot Dr Pepper.

I don’t really eat anything odd… but one friend of mine likes pickles on vanilla ice cream. Another puts bananas on his Kraft Dinner (macaroni and cheese). Almost makes Spam seem normal!

Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam!

Personally, I prefer baby frogs, dew-picked and flow from Iraq, cleansed in the finest quality spring water, lightly killed and lovingly frosted with Lark’s vomit.

On a more on-topic note, I’ve never tried spam. It seems to have a bad reputation for some reason? If you recommend it then maybe I’ll give it a try one day.

i used to eat Spam but i find it disgusting now…also a Philly food is Scrapple…i used to it that and now find it disgusting…the only meat i can eat regularly now is Chicken/Turkey

Two of my friends put ketchup on everything…including pizza!

Spam…you bet, cubed and browned, scrambled with eggs and grated cheese. Not bad if I say so myself :slight_smile: and quick to fix.

How about canned chili…to make frito pies with. That’s about the only thing it’s really good for.

Blutwurst (Blood-Sausage). It’s a German thing, but none of the women I have ever had as an SO here in the States could ever stand to see me it.

Could also have been those snarfing noises I was making while chowing down! :smiley:


Well, spam is the best subsistute for “long pig” that I have currently found.

Next time you see cans of SPAM in a box at the supermarket, think of me. I work in a factory that is the largest supplier of boxes to Hormel, makers of SPAM. A prestiguous job, I know.

I will sign autographs upon request.

< waves hands excitedly through the air shouting “me first, me first” >

Hubby eats spam and lima beans. I rescue the kids with mac and cheese when ever he feels the need to make this for supper.

Now that’s what I was talking about! I can’t stand it but scrapple/ponhaus/puddin… that’s the kind of crap I was talking about… :slight_smile:

I like spam, eggs, sausage and spam.

Bloody Vikings!!..

[Monty Python]

What do you mean “eww”? I don’t like spam!


doritoes dipped in slush puppies (what do you americans call them erm slushies?)

You like spam?!..and here’s me thinking you were an intelligent discerning sorta person…just goes to show dunnit?

Black Pudding or blood pudding is great stuff, puts lead in your pencil my good man, Haggis on the other hand is absolute shite, once tasted never forgotten (unfortunately)

WTF is hog maw…pigs mouth maybe?

Spam. Vienna sausages. Potted Meat Food Product (spread on crackers!). Scrapple. Easy Cheez (the kind that squirts from the can.) Creton (a kind of pork meat spread common in Maine.) Lobster tomalley. Haggis. Mmmmm…I’m gettin’ hungry just thinking about them all.