I love you, I worship you...why aren't you ever available?

That’s right, I’m sick of conforming to YOUR schedule. I deserve better! You entice me, tease me, make me weak with desire and then leave me high and dry. Well, fuck you!

Sure, you’re around at lunch-time but my daughter isn’t very fond of you so I don’t feel comfortable seeing you then.

You’re always there at dinner but come 9PM…you bolt. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Monday or Saturday, where the hell do you go? It doesn’t seem fair that I’m always there for you, yet you can’t make any concessions for me.

Adding insult to injury…when I want you most, after a few drinks, you are NEVER available! Not once! I always go home alone, wanting.

The icing on the cake is the fact that I can’t EVER have you on Sunday. Oh sure, I can drive around trying to find you (I’ve tried that a few times) but it’s like you’ve disappeared off the face of the earth. Where do you go? What is so important that you can’t be there for me just once?

I want someone else, I really do. You’re not that important to me, not that special that you can’t be replaced easily but I know that everyone else is just like you. I can’t win.

Fucking sushi bars.

They’re all the same, aren’t they.

I’ve heard that old Wa-SOB-be story before.

AARGgghhh! :smiley: Ya got me!!!

Because I’m taken, that’s why!

Man, it’s REALLY a burden being as hot as I am, I tell ya!!

Psssst! Masa’s Sushi, on San Antonio Road in Mountain View! Open until the late, late hour of 9:30pm, Sundays included!

Joe Bob says check it out.

the chef cant buy fish on sunday; thats why most reputable sushi bars are closed.

sushi on sunday? no thank you, please!

Just what I was telling the Desk Sergeant at our local Police Station.